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How did Swiggy succeed? How did it start?


When we feel that something outside is eaten today, we pick up our Smartphone and immediately order food through the app. But have you wondered whether this has always happened? Did you call the hotel food in your home as easily as before? No! Actually, many new businesses have emerged due to the use of smartphones and internet, including food home delivery. There are many mobile apps for food home delivery in the market but only a few are famous. One of these famous apps is Swiggy.

What is swiggy?

You must have heard Swiggy’s name. This is a mobile app with the help of which you can order food of your choice from the hotel of your choice. By visiting this app, you have to choose a hotel or restaurant in your city, then choose the items of your choice from its menu and then order after that. After you order, Swiggy’s delivery boy goes to that hotel and takes that food and brings that food to your address as soon as possible.

How did Swiggy start?

Swiggy was started by three friends together. His names are Rahul Jaimini, Sriharsha Majesty and Nandan Reddy. Both Shree Harsha and Nandan read from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani. At the same time, Rahul Jaimini used to work as a software engineer at MYNTRA. Mr. Harsha and Nandan started the Logistic Company after their studies, which they had to close in 2014. After its closure, he saw in Bangalore that there are many people who go to office and are unable to eat hot and eat food of their choice at launch time. After that, he came up with an idea to make a platform on which you can order the food of your choice and it comes to you in a short time.

In 2014, Sriharsh and Nandan worked on Swiggy after closing their company. Market Research done. Both of them wanted to bring Swiggy as an app, for this they needed coding and a software engineer. Rahul Jaimini became the one to fulfill this need. With his help, he embodied Swiggy and launched it in the market.

When did swiggy start?

Swiggy was launched in Bangalore in August 2014. He asked the owners of his local restaurant and hotel to use his app so that people can get food of their choice. There was a problem in this business of delivering food. If the food did not arrive at the right time, then his business name could also get spoiled. His logistic company’s experience in dealing with this problem came in handy. With his help, he set up an excellent Delivery Network.

Swiggy used to take care of everything from taking orders to delivery. Which greatly benefited the customers and the restaurant owners. The biggest benefit to the restaurant owners was that they were getting customers from new areas. A lot of customers were coming to them without any hassle, due to which their business gained momentum. Apart from the restaurant owners, the customer was also benefiting from Swiggy. Due to the use of Swiggy, people were getting food at home. Usually when people go to the hotel, they have to wait for food. Many a time, due to not being empty, one has to spend a lot of time. But if you order from Swiggy, then you can put that time in your work and the order will come in its place at its own time.

How does Swiggy earn?

Swiggy mainly earns in two ways. The owner of Swiggy’s earnings is not only the restaurant owner, but his customers are also the source of Swiggy’s earnings. Swiggy charged commission from the restaurant owner per order for earning and on the other hand charged the customer for delivery. In this way, the restaurant was also happily paying commission to create new customers, while the customer happily gives home delivery charge for coming home to eat. In this way Swiggy earned a lot and even today it is earning.

Swiggy Abroad

Swiggy created global trust among its customers by delivering on time delivery. Given the success of Swiggy, many domestic and foreign investors invested in Swiggy ‘which helped the company to expand. Swiggy has so far received a $ 75.5 million investment which Swiggy is investing in technology.

Swiggy and Employment

While there are some people in the technical team in Swiggy, the responsibility of running Swiggy is on their delivery boy. Along with expanding the company, Swiggy is giving part time and full time jobs to the unemployed youth of the country so that they can become self-reliant. Like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats became very popular in India. They also have a lot of customer bases. But in all these competition, Swiggy brought a new concept in which Swiggy started delivering even the smallest food items. If you only have to eat poha, eat kachori or samosas, then Swiggy is also delivering it.

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Swiggy, which started in India, has made its reach in many countries of the world today. Swiggy is also employing many people. The three men who made Swiggy, Shri Harsh, Nandan and Rahul are also leading successful lives today. His startup taught that if you focus your attention on small problems, then you can start a good business.

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