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India has been in the category of developing countries for many years and it has not yet been nominated in the category of developed countries. The most important reason for this has always been that…. Unemployment.

There is no lack of education in India, there is a lack of employment. About 30% of the youth are unemployed here every year, of which 25% are educated, which is a very large number.

If we talk about the small business of India… then even 70% of the small businesses are not able to make much progress and soon they are on the verge of ending… so now nobody wants to take too much risk.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, taking this very seriously, in his speech of 15 August 2015, told about starting a new scheme.

Under this scheme, the people who want to do any of their small businesses will be provided various assistance by the government in various ways that can promote the small scale industries of India and at the same time provide new employment opportunities to the people, which is a very appreciable step.

To provide new guidance and encouragement to the young generation of India, the Government of India has launched this scheme, which will encourage small scale industries as well as solve serious problems like unemployment and many schemes have been run under this scheme.

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Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

For the development of small scale industries, the government has started a new scheme to provide financial assistance under which people have been given facilities like business loans for their business.

Here money is given to people at very low interest so that they do not have much trouble in starting their business and repaying the loan.

Small business has to face a lot of difficulties in taking loans from the bank and the huge interest rate of banks likewise puts people in even more trouble. Therefore, under this Mudra scheme of the government, any person, who has a business in his name, can pass his loan and start a business by showing the right document and taking advantage of this scheme.

Skill India Scheme

The biggest reason for people not getting employment is that they do not even have much knowledge about the work done in the factory. For this, the government has also started a special scheme called Skill India under which people are taught work such as embroidery, weaving, factory work, sewing… .. etc., training is given to them and also employment opportunities. Are provided.

Startup India: Better Investment System

If we talk about capital investment, India has made a very good place in international business in the last few years, whose investment has been increasing continuously every year, which has also benefited the startup business to a great extent.

The government has made a beautiful effort to bring startup businesses into the same category by easing the conditions for capital investment, as small businesses contribute significantly to the strengthening of the economic condition of any country.

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Startup India Aims

Even today there are many small villages in India where there is a lack of government facilities and at the same time, there are neither any factory nor any good businessmen from which people have to come to the city for employment.

In such areas, the government is busy encouraging people for small businesses and businesses so that along with the development of those villages, people can also be provided with all the facilities.

People are being given loans at a low-interest rate for business and at the same time a lot of tax exemption under this scheme so that every small village and people of the country can get employment and at the same time the country is progressed.

Proper Style And Guidance

Along with financial assistance, people also need proper guidance so that they can run their business in a good way, for this, the government has also started a lot of planning to manage their proper education so that the best colleges and universities in the country So that they can get admission and their education can also be improved.

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