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Unseasonal rain added to the difficulties; Damage to crops, increased risk of infectious diseases

  • Damage to gram, wheat, tur and vegetables

deoli, For the last four days, the rain in many tehsils of the district has increased the problems of the people. Due to rain, strong winds increased the cold in the weather. According to the Meteorological Department, the mood of the weather will remain the same for now. The havoc of fog will continue with drizzle. While unseasonal rains have caused a lot of damage to crops, the risk of infectious diseases has also increased. Along with this, there has been heavy damage to the crops of gram, wheat, tur and vegetables.

prophecy come true

The Meteorological Department had expressed the possibility that between January 8 and 11, there could be unseasonal rain with thunderstorms in the district. The forecast of the Meteorological Department has proved to be correct. On Sunday, there was unseasonal rain in the district, and on Monday and Tuesday, drizzle rain knocked at many places in the district. Now even after 11, the bad weather remains.

Citizens were feeling cold due to cold winds. In many areas, citizens were seen sitting while lighting bonfires. On Tuesday, the weather suddenly changed and during the afternoon drizzle rain knocked. The atmosphere suddenly changed since morning and it rained heavily at 8 in the morning. It rained intermittently in many villages of the tehsil.

rain is dangerous for health

Experts believe that there is no need to be careless in this cold rain. This rain and cold can also cause damage. Along with the cold winds, there is a thaw in the weather. Which is injurious to health. The doctor says that there is a need to keep the body warm in this season. For which adequate amount of warm clothes should be worn, while special care should be taken of food and drink.

Damage to gram, wheat, tur and vegetables

Hail accompanied with heavy rain occurred in most areas of the district. As a result, there was a lot of damage to the crops of gram, wheat, tur and vegetables. Most of the farmers harvested the tur crop and planted it in the field. But the tur crop got completely soaked. There was also a lot of damage to wheat, gram crops. Due to which snatching the morsel that came to the mouth has increased the concern of the farmers.

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