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This farmer is earning 12 lakh rupees per acre from sugarcane cultivation, know the secret of success


Agriculture Success Story: This farmer is earning 12 lakh rupees per acre from sugarcane farming, know the secret of success: While some farmers of the country are thinking of leaving their traditional farming and doing some other work. At the same time, there are some farmers in the country who are earning millions from traditional farming. Today we are going to tell you about one such farmer. This farmer is earning millions of rupees per acre through natural farming of sugarcane. If you learn something from them, you can earn 8 to 12 lakh rupees easily from one acre of sugarcane cultivation like this farmer.

This farmer is earning 12 lakh rupees per acre from sugarcane farming

Raj Kumar COJ 85 variety of sugarcane We do farming

You will be surprised to know, but this farmer named Raj Kumar Arya is earning millions from the organic farming of sugarcane in sugarcane crop and intercropping along with sugarcane in Kurukshetra, Haryana. During an interview, Raj Kumar told that he cultivates COJ 85 variety of sugarcane in three acres. The special thing is that there is no insect anywhere in their sugarcane crop and it is very bamboo-like, the whole sugarcane is prepared.

Use sterilized and indigenous earthworms instead of chemical fertilizers

Talking about this, Raj Kumar said that farmers can also earn very well from sugarcane crop and it also makes the soil of your field more fertile. Raj Kumar further says that instead of chemical fertilizers, if the farmers use Jeevamrit and indigenous earthworms then the cost will also be very low and due to increasing fertile power of the soil, a very good crop is obtained.

Crops cannot be planted in intercropping at will

Agriculture Success Story Also, the sugarcane crop that you plant in the middle of sugarcane also gets a lot of benefits and the income of farmers also increases. Raj Kumar tells that in this season he has taken a very good crop of all the vegetables of the winter season in the middle of sugarcane. Along with this, he has also cultivated gram in the middle of sugarcane, but he said that in intercropping, farmers cannot plant the crop of their choice.

5 to 6 lakhs per acre are earning from jaggery

Raj Kumar says that intercropping should be done keeping in mind the depth of sugarcane and the height of the crop to be planted in between. Please tell that in the same way, Raj Kumar ji has earned about two and a half million rupees only from the crops with intercropping. And from sugarcane, they make pure desi jaggery and sell it and are earning about 5 to 6 lakh rupees per acre of jaggery. That is, you are earning a total of 8 to 9 lakh rupees per acre, so now you understand that leaving farming will do nothing. Well known about crops and earned millions.

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