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Thursday, December 2, 2021

PM Modi at the World Economic Forum Davos, the world is seeing the picture of India’s success and potential

Speaking at the World Economic Forum Davos, PM Modi today said that the world is seeing the picture of India’s success and potential. When Corona arrived, the difficulties in the country were no less. People said that India would remain among the countries most affected by Corona. The country proved this prediction of the people wrong. The entire country stood together in the Corona crisis. We were able to save more and more lives.

We found effective control over the corona and launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign. We started a mass movement to deal with Corona. In the time of this crisis, as always, we also performed our global responsibility. Strengthened the infra related to our vaccination and now we are supplying vaccines to many countries. The world is seeing a picture of the success and strength of the country. The countrymen have united for the progress of the country.

More than 23 lakh vaccinations were done in 12 days. We are the country that has the most data. We worked fast on digital infra. More than 130 crore people have a base in the country. The country has done a lot of work on digital platforms. India has the potential to strengthen the global supply chain. India is a global player full of possibilities. We are helping many sectors with PLI scheme focusing on self-reliant India. Ease of doing business better.

PM Modi further said that Corona made us feel human values. We taught this lesson that we all have to take steps together. Industry 4.0 is also for human welfare. Efforts are on to make business in the country easier. India is also full of confidence with potential.

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