New Drone Rules 2021: The need to take security clearance before registration is over, the government has approved new rules for drones

Now the need to first obtain security clearance for registration or license for drones is over.

New Drone Rules 2021: Now the need to first obtain security clearance for registration or license for drones is over. Apart from this, the approval fee to operate it has also become nominal and it will not have any meaning with the weight of the drone, that is, no matter how heavy the drone is, nominal fees will have to be paid to operate it. The central government has approved the new rules-2021 of drones today. The notification related to this has been issued today on August 25. The new rules related to drones have replaced the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rules 2021.

Earlier, on July 16, the central government had announced new rules for drones and by August 5 had invited comments from all stakeholders, including the industry. Today the government has passed the new rules just 10 days after the approval of 10 organizations including Mahindra & Mahindra, SAIL (Steel Authority of India and Bayer Crop Science).

Highlights of New Drone Rules 2021

  • The need to first obtain a security clearance for registration or license for a drone is over.
  • Under the Drone Rules, the coverage of drones has been increased from 300 kg to 500 kg.
  • The number of forms/permissions has been reduced from 25 to 5.
  • The fee for approval to operate a drone is nominal and this fee has been de-linked to the weight of the drone.
  • The maximum amount of fine was capped at Rs 1 lakh. However, this rule of penalty will not apply for violation of other rules.
  • An interactive airspace map with green, yellow and red zones will be displayed on the Digital Sky platform.
  • The yellow zone has been reduced from 45 km to 12 km from the airport’s perimeter.
  • No approval will be required to operate drones in the Green Zone and up to a height of 200 feet in an area of ​​8-12 km in the vicinity of the airport.

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  • Online registration of all drones will be done through Digital Sky platform.
  • The process of transfer of drones and cancellation of its registration has been simplified.
  • Pilot license will not be required to fly nano drones and micro drones for non-commercial use.
    Safety features like No Permission-No Take Off (NPNT), real time tracking beacon, geo-fencing etc. will be notified in future. At least 6 months will be given for its compliance.
  • The training and testing of drones will be done through the Authorized Drone School and DGCA will oversee the training requirements, drone school and provide pilot license online.
  • DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) will regulate the import of drones.
  • Drone corridor will be developed for cargo deliveries.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Promotion Council will be constituted to facilitate ease of doing business.

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