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more than 600 pregnant women infected in the third wave of corona

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-Suraj Pandey

Mumbai: It has not even been a month since the third wave of Corona started and till now more than 600 pregnant women in the city have been infected with Corona. According to the doctors engaged in the treatment of pregnant women, this time the complication is less in women and recovery is happening faster.

A large number of pregnant women were also infected with the virus in the first and second wave of COVID, but the third wave of COVID, which started from mid-December, broke the records of first and second cases of infection. In this wave, the health department officials are saying that the number of big, old, children and even pregnant women will be more than before. For delivery and treatment of positive pregnant women, so far 250 have been admitted to Nair Hospital, Government Hospital, Cama 161, KEM 40, Sion 5 positive pregnant women. Apart from this, about 100 positive pregnant women have been admitted so far in 4 dedicated maternity hospitals of BMC.

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In the first wave and second wave, pregnant women infected with COVID-19 had a lot of health problems, but in the third wave, most of the cases are of mild symptoms. Recovery is also happening quickly. Earlier, infection used to reach the lungs of women, but at present we are not seeing such cases. Till now we have also delivered 160 women.

-Doctor. Neeraj Mahajan, Associate Professor, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

So far 161 positive pregnant women have been admitted to the hospital in the third wave. This time pregnant women have mild symptoms and recovery is also good. So far no patient has required oxygen beds, whereas in the second wave, 40 per cent patients were put on oxygen support.

-Dr. Tushar Palve, Superintendent, Kama Hospital

In our hospital 36 beds have been reserved for the treatment of pregnant women recently. At present we have 5 patients. Everyone’s health is stable. None of the patients has any serious problems.

-Dr. Vidya Mahale, Deputy Dean, Sion Hospital

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