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Meet this 12-year-old girl, who has written a letter to PM Modi demanding immediate steps against air pollution

Riddhima Pandey of Haridwar, Uttarakhand as a global climate activist for just 12 years and past 2 years has been raising voice on various social issues including climate change on the international stage. Right now Riddhima is in the discussion about her special letter written to Prime Minister Modi, in which she has asked PM Modi to take immediate steps against air pollution.

Riddhima has also shared her open letter to PM Modi on social media with everyone. She wrote this letter to PM Modi on 1 September. In a special conversation with BK, Riddhima has openly discussed this open letter, but she has also shared her plans for the future.

So oxygen cylinder will be necessary

Riddhima has written to PM Modi demanding immediate steps against rising air pollution in all cities of the country, that if this problem is not resolved soon, then in the coming few years all Will read the need of oxygen cylinder to breathe and in such a situation it will be very difficult for the common man to survive.

Riddhima has also written in her letter that how densely populated cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra and other cities are not able to breathe air since October.

Riddhima writes,

“I am worried that when I have trouble breathing at the age of 12, what will happen to the young or newborns living in cities like Delhi?”

He has also mentioned in the letter how she had to deal with this problem in Delhi on the occasion of Children’s Day last year.

My name is Ridhima Pandey. I am a 12-year old student living in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. On International Day for Clean Air and Blue Skies, I have written to our Prime Minister demanding clean Air for all. pic.twitter.com/j0SsHj6v6R

– Ridhima pandey (@ ridhimapandey7) September 7, 2020

At the end of her letter, Riddhima while addressing PM Modi wrote,

“Sir, you help us to ensure that oxygen cylinder does not become a part of children’s lives, which they have to carry around with them everywhere in future.”

Riddhima while discussing the letter to the Prime Minister said, “I have written a letter to the Prime Minister with great hope, but I have not received any reply till now.” Significantly, in this campaign of Riddhima, she has the full support of her parents.

The complaint was lodged in UN

Last year, Riddhima worked to take her complaint to the international level on the issue of Climate Crisis. Riddhima was then one of the 16 children, including well-known international environmental activist Greta Thunberg, at the UN’s Climate Action Summit, complaining against the lack of government action on climate change.

Riddhima has also worked through TED Talk to present her talk and her concern on climate change to the people.

Future plans

Riddhima is very clear about her goal. She says that in the future she wants to start an institution that stands in support of children who are deprived of rights.

She says

‚ÄúThere is a huge lack of awareness among people in the country today. There is not enough talk on climate change within the country. Children are also unaware of this. I want to make them aware so that they too can raise their voice. “

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