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Lockdown in India! Will there be a nationwide lockdown to overcome the corona? SC gave this advice to the center on pandemic, vaccine

How to Control Covid-19: The Supreme Court has asked the Central Government to re-revise its vaccine purchase policy.

How to Control Covid-19: The Supreme Court has asked the central government to revise its vaccine purchase policy and release it. The court has said that if it is not done then the right to public health will be obstructed which is an integral part of Article 21 of the Constitution. At the same time, the Supreme Court has asked the Center to consider a lockdown across the country in view of the increasing danger of the second wave of Corona virus, so that the epidemic can be controlled. The court has also asked the state governments to consider it.

According to the Indian Express, a bench of Justices DY Chandrachud, L Nageswara Rao and S Ravindra Bhat also said that before imposing the lockdown, the government should also ensure that its social and economic impact is minimized. According to the court, special arrangements should be made for those who may be affected by the lockdown.

A National Policy on Admission to Hospitals

The court bench asked the central government to formulate a national policy on admission to hospitals within two weeks, which should be followed by all states. No one should be deprived of hospitalization or providing necessary medicines due to lack of local residential proof or identity proof. The Center had revised its vaccine policy on 20 April and said that it would buy only 50 per cent of the production. Also, the vaccine manufacturers will be allowed to sell 50 percent of the vaccine directly to the states and private institutions at higher prices.

Vaccination should be taken care of by all

A three-judge bench suggested that the purchase of the vaccine be centralized and distribution within states and union territories be de-centralized. Referring to the revised vaccine policy, it was said that even those crores of people who cannot pay for the vaccine should be taken care of.

Seeks answers on vaccination campaign

The Supreme Court has asked both the Center and the states to give information about the current and anticipated availability of vaccine stock for the next 6 months. Citing the Centre’s pleas not to interfere with the pricing of vaccination, Koch sought clarification as to whether any other alternative was considered so as to expedite the vaccination campaign.

What did you say about the lack of oxygen

On the lack of oxygen in the hospitals of Delhi, the Supreme Court has said in its order that the oxygen supply of Delhi should be corrected by midnight or before May 3. The central government should prepare the system of supply of oxygen in consultation with the states. Simultaneously disinfect oxygen stock and emergency oxygen sharing space for emergency purposes. Let me tell you that there is an outcry over oxygen in the capital Delhi. In the last few days, many patients have died due to lack of oxygen.

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