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Labor Code Bills: These three Labor Bill Pass in Parliament, if employed

Labor Code Bills: Three Labor Code Bills have been passed in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. These three bills were passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Labour Code Bills

Three Labor Code Bills have been passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. These three bills were passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday. Today this bill was also passed by the Rajya Sabha. Now it will become law after the signature of the President.

The government claims that this bill will bring major reforms in the labour sector. These include Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Bill – 2020, Industrial Relations Bill – 2020 and Social Security Bill – 2020. If you are an employee then you need to know about it.

With the new labour law, both organized and unorganized workers of the country will get a variety of new facilities. These include pension for workers and medical benefits. At the same time, now companies will get more rights first. It will now be easy for them to give or remove employees.

It will be mandatory to give an appointment letter to all the workers. Their salary will have to be paid digitally. Health checkup of all workers has also been made mandatory once a year. At the same time, many provisions have been brought to make entrepreneurs’ business easier.

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Industrial Relations Bill – 2020

The authority of the company will increase in this bill. Companies in which the number of employees is less than 300, they will be able to retrench the employees without getting approval from the government. Till now, companies could have done less than 100 employees. Now, this limit has been increased in the new bill. Permission for retrenchment will be given to those whose number of employees has been less than 300 on average every day in the last 12 months.

The government can also increase this minimum number by issuing a notification. According to the new law, any company, the rules like punishing, removing, promoting promotions of employees working in the factory, will be completely in the hands of the company.

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Social Security Bill – 2020

The Social Security Code proposes the creation of a National Social Security Board which will take responsibility for preparing suitable plans for unorganized workers, gig workers and platform workers. It also brings these classes of workers under the ambit of social security schemes which include life and disability insurance, provident fund, health and maternity benefits and skill upgradation. The code also proposes the formation of a social security fund to provide social security money to three classes of workers.

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Occupational Safety, Health and Working Condition Bill – 2020

This bill will give exemption to companies so that they can employ most people on a contract basis. Also, the contract can be extended any number of times and for any time. No limit has been set for this. That provision has also been removed, under which any existing employee was prohibited from being converted into a contract worker. Working hours (working hours) for women will be between 6 am to 7 pm. If work is being done after 7 pm, then the company will be responsible for safety. No employee can work more than 6 days in a week. Overtime will have to be paid more. No appointment will be admitted without an appointment letter.

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