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Instead of closing schools, start in a planned manner: Parents

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Malegaon : The global crisis of Corona has caused huge unrest in the education sector. Students are facing a lot of difficulties. As the country is moving towards the peak of progress, there is a crisis like corona virus looming around the world. This virus has created a big problem in all areas.

In view of the rising outbreak of Corona in the third wave, the state government has decided to close all the schools in the state till February 15. This decision is being opposed at every level. In protest against the closure of the school, now the teachers together with the parents of the students have raised their voice. There is a huge difference between the academic year of the pre-corona period and the online learning of today. In the days before Corona, the personality of the students was developed through direct teaching. Through various tests, the intellectual abilities of the students were revealed to the teachers and parents. Sports competitions organized in schools and colleges are helpful in the physical and mental development of the students, increase their self-confidence and develop the spirit of learning. Due to this, there is a demand of teachers and parents that instead of closing the schools, the plan should be kept running.

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It is alleged that the students of class 10th and 12th took this decision without considering their upcoming examinations. Despite the absence of corona in rural areas, schools are closed. The problem of internet in rural areas is affecting the education of the students. Many topics are not understood online. Due to this, there is a demand from teachers, parents and students to run the school offline. Children are facing many problems in online education and due to their systematic studies in school, parents are demanding to take a decision based on the situation of corona at the local level. . The education minister has not spent a single penny on schools in two years. Work is underway to close the school. Rather, it is necessary to plan how the school can continue in the situation of Corona. Classes VIII to XII could be continued with 50% attendance. Many teachers and parents are alleging that this decision taken by the government during the practice exams of class X and XII is harmful for the students.

The first and second wave of Corona were more dangerous, therefore, it was inevitable to adopt the option of online education. The government decided to close the school because the spread of corona was again increasing during the smooth running of the school. The life of the students needs to be given priority. But at the same time, schools should be started in those places where the cases of corona are less to avoid the educational loss of the students. Taking appropriate decisions in coordination with parents, teachers, government and administration will be in the academic interest of the students.

– VN Kasar, Principal R.V. Shah Vidyalaya, Malegaon

The Corona crisis has badly affected the education sector. The overall development of children in these areas is expected to lag behind, especially due to the lack of facilities for working class students and online education in rural and semi-urban areas. There is no problem in starting a school by strictly implementing the measures to prevent the corona outbreak. Coordinate the local administration and schools in the areas where the outbreak of Corona is under control. When would it be in the best interest of children to continue schooling not only for their academic but also for their emotional and physical development?

– Swati Patil, Deputy Teacher, Ujwal Primary School, Malegaon

The option of online education was adopted so that education could continue during the closure of schools during the lockdown period. At that time it was necessary for the students to remain in the stream of education. But online learning has a limit. When children go to the actual school, they get education as well as various life skills. Although the corona is increasing, instead of closing the schools completely, schools should continue in those areas where the situation is under control. Vaccination of children has also started now. Hence it is advised to start the school with all the precautions.

Vishal Varule, Guardian, Malegaon

We have been studying online since last two years. There are many difficulties in studying online. It is a pleasure to read in front of the teachers in the classroom. The school also follows the rules regarding Corona. That’s why I think the school should continue. (Jayesh Varule, Student, Malegaon)

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