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How many eligible farmer beneficiaries got loan waiver, how many loans were restructured

  • Karkun officials hesitant to give statistics

Asegaon. It is mandatory under the government rule to keep complete information from farmers’ loan waiver to loan restructuring with the Karkun officers and employees according to the online method. But there is no confusion in keeping the information behind the scenes of how many farmers in the villages under the Asegaon Revenue Board, who restructured the loan last year and how many farmers got the loan waiver at the time of the previous loan waiver.

A total of 16 villages are included under Asegaon revenue division. The total number of farmers in all these villages is 6,606. But in the past, when farmers’ loans were waived off. During that time how many farmers of this mandal have got loan waiver. And how many farmers have been given loans under the restructuring. In this regard, the officers and employees of this area have hesitated to give information. Due to which it seems as if there is nothing wrong in restructuring the farmer’s loan.

The farmers of the villages coming under the Asegaon Revenue Board are forced to suffer from the economic situation for the past many years. In such a situation, how many farmers have got loan waiver during the earlier loan waiver. No causal officer is ready to give information about this.

Not only this, how many farmers’ loans have been restructured through banks. Information about this is also not being given. Lack of information regarding farmers and not giving information according to the obstinate attitude. It is like pointing out that there is no mistake in the loan restructuring of farmers.

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