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Farmers Protest: Government will start talks with farmers again only after accepting the proposals of the Center

After the farmer unions came on the backfoot following the violence during the Tractor Rally in Republic Day on Republic Day in Delhi, official sources indicated that the government now wants that after its proposals are accepted Let the conversation begin again. Farmers union leaders have also had an informal conversation with representatives of the government.

According to the Indian Express, a government source said that now the government’s side has become stronger in negotiating the agreement. We feel that the peasant leaders who joined the conversation with us have lost control over the agitators. Therefore, they should now use this opportunity in a peaceful manner and agree to the proposals made by the government.

Government sources feel that the peasant leaders, who are opposing the three laws, have lost moral authority during the violent protests in the national capital on Republic Day. When asked about the possibility of resuming talks between the Center and representatives of farmers’ unions, a source said that the government had already given a better offer to the farmer leaders, but they did not accept it. He lost a good chance. They have now lost moral authority. Now we have to see whether they accept that offer or they come up with some other proposal.

Sources also indicated that after the violence and ruckus on Republic Day, many more organizations will distance themselves from this movement. The source said that now we are eager to see how many and who will agree on the proposals that the government has made.

On the other hand, the United Kisan Morcha held a press conference on Wednesday and said that they are adamant on demanding the withdrawal of all three laws and the movement will continue like this. However, regretting the violence, the peasant unions postponed the march till Parliament on 1 February. On 30 January, it is said to keep a day’s fast.

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