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Farmers deprived of irrigation in 1415 hectare area

goregaon, crores of rupees Kalpathri Medium Project was prepared by spending. Thousands of farmers have given their land for this. But many farmers are deprived of the benefits of the project. Due to which the Kalpathri medium project is proving to be a white elephant.

This project was prepared by the government for the purpose of irrigation in 1915 hectare area. Whereas at present only 500 hectare area is getting benefit from this project. At the same time, the farmers of the remaining 1415 hectare area are deprived of the facility of this project.

There is no irrigation facility in Goregaon tehsil. Due to which the cultivation of this area is dependent on rain water. Every year farmers have to face losses due to the ruckus of rain. Kalpathri Medium Project has been approved for the purpose of providing irrigation facilities to the farmers. For this, the government has also made available sufficient funds.

It was the expectation of the farmers that now the service of eternal irrigation would be available to their villages. But his optimism proved in vain. This project was prepared with the expectation that 1915 hectare area would come under irrigation, yet in reality, irrigation facility has been available in 500 hectare area from the project. In this, farmers are still waiting for irrigation in 1415 hectare area.

The water of this Kalpathri project is currently being transported through canal to the farmers located at Mohari, Babai, Kamargaon and Chopa. Whereas the water of this project is not reaching the farmers of the remaining villages like Telankhedi, Ghumra, Palkheda, Tumsar, Nimba, Tedha, Tilli, Mohgaon, Hausitola etc. These villages are not getting water due to the high height of the canals prepared for these villages. Whereas Hiratola, Mahagaon, Devatola, Panchavati, Davdipar, Bote, Jhanjia canals have been prepared. The water of the project is not reaching because of that too being unhealthy. This problem is there for many years.

lack of public representatives

The public representatives of the district give many assurances regarding irrigation. But the farmers are not getting the benefit of Kalpathri project. In this, the officials of the concerned department are making efforts towards the repair of the canal. Which is having an impact on the farmers. Kalpathri project will benefit 1915 hectares of irrigation. Farmers’ problem will be solved. At the same time, the farmers of this area are being deprived of the water of the project due to the lack of public representatives and officials of the concerned department.

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