Covid-19 india update government says pandemic far from over R value high in eight states

Covid-19: The epidemic is not over yet, the government said – the rate of spread of corona is higher in eight states

The reproductive number or R of COVID-19 in the country is more than 1 in eight states. R indicates how fast the corona epidemic is spreading.

Covid-19 India Update: The reproductive number or R of COVID-19 in the country is more than 1 in eight states. R indicates how fast the corona epidemic is spreading. A value of R greater than 1 means that an infected person is infecting more than one person on an average. This leads to an increase in cases. The eight states include Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The central government has given this information on Tuesday. During the press conference, Joint Secretary in the Union Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal said that the second wave is not over in India yet. He told that a large number of corona cases are being reported all over the world and the epidemic is far from over.

The Center also said that in the last week, 49.85 per cent of the total corona cases reported in the country are from Kerala.

R 1.2 in the US, Canada, Australia and India

During the press conference, Agarwal said that the number of R is more in eight states of India. He told that wherever this number is more than one, it means that the cases are increasing and it needs to be controlled. The average R is 1.2 in the US, Canada, Australia and India.

An Indian Express report had earlier reported that the number of R was declining till the last week of June, but the period after that, between June 20 and July 7, saw an increase. An analysis by a team of researchers showed that the R value in the country stood at 0.88 during this period. Between May 15 and June 26, it stood at 0.78.

Unemployment Rate: Unemployment rate increased in cities due to Corona, government data revealed

Speaking on vaccination, the Health Ministry said that so far around 47.85 crore doses have been administered in the country, which includes 37.26 crore first doses and 10.59 crore second doses. Agarwal said that 19.6 lakh doses have been applied in May and 43.41 in July. The total number of vaccine doses administered in July is more than double that of May.

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