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Companies are taking up to 1 lakh rupees for Blue Tick of social media account

Everyone wants to get a blue tick on their social media account. Be it Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, everyone wants their account to get Blue Tick and their account is verified. Now according to a report, for Blue Tick in India, you may have to spend from 30,000 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

According to the investigation report of The Economic Times, verified account fees are higher for users in countries like US and UK. According to the report, sites like mpsocial.com, blackhatworld.com and swapd.co are giving users blue ticks at higher prices. The report also said that there are many digital marketing agencies in the market that are offering such services. Moneycontrol does not claim this report to be correct.

Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter usually give blue ticks or verify their account only to government organizations, companies, special people, politicians, actors, business-related personalities, news companies and politicians. A blue tick found on Twitter indicates that this account is not fake and Twitter has verified it. If you want a blue tick, then your account should be correct and active.

RBI and SEBI said- ‘Financial service business of Facebook, Google and Amazon are within the scope of the rules’.

Similarly, Facebook, Instagram also blue tick or verify only those accounts which are not fake and which are unique. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to have correct accounts.

The report states that the agency is providing Verification Services. For this, he increases the number of followers on social media by using Boosting Tools. Through this, the account or the posts associated with the account are boosted. Companies charge hefty fees for this. After this, they put sponsored posts on the users’ account so that the account looks special.

Experts say that these agencies receive at least 1 million questions about blue ticks every year. The number of accounts with Fake Verification in India is around 3,000 thousand crores. These numbers may increase now because Twitter has discontinued its Verification Services since 2017.

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