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Business Idea: This business will earn Rs 4,000 in a day, know how to start

Business Idea: If you are preparing to start a business, then we are giving you such a business idea, in which you can easily earn up to Rs 4,000 in a day.

The biggest feature of this business is that there is no separate training in it. In this, one can easily earn Rs 1,20,000 in a month. This business is Corn Flakes Business. Through this business, you can become a millionaire in a month.

We all know about maize. It is used in most of the homes in the morning breakfast. It is also considered very good for health. Let us know how to start this business?

Know how much space will be needed

To start this business, you should have land where you can plant it. Apart from this, space is also needed for storage. You will also need a warehouse. You should have a total space of 2000 to 3000 square feet.

These machines will be needed

If you talk about the equipment required for this business, then you will need a warehouse to keep machines, electricity facility, GST number, raw material, space and stock.

where to do business

These machines used in this business are not only used for making Corn Flakes made from Maize, but can also be used for making Flakes of Wheat and Rice. Set up the business in an area where there is a high yield of maize. If we bring maize from a distant place and make their Corn Flakes, then it will be very expensive, so we should look for a place where we can get good quality maize or we can cultivate maize ourselves.

Business Idea: Start this business in just Rs 25,000, earning lakhs of rupees every month

how much will be the profit

According to media reports, the cost of making one kg of corn flakes comes to around Rs 30 and is easily sold in the market at Rs 70 per kg. If you sell 100 kg corn flakes in a day, then your profit will be around Rs 4000. At the same time, if you calculate the month’s figure, then you will earn up to Rs 1,20,000.

How much will have to be invested?

If we talk about investing money, then it depends on you whether you want to start business on a small level or on a large level. At present, at least 5 to 8 lakhs will have to be invested for this business in the beginning.

Central government will help

Mudra loan scheme is being run by the Modi government, under which the government provides loan facility of up to 90 percent to the start-up businessmen. If you start business with 50000 rupees, then you will have to invest only 50,000 rupees in the beginning, you will get the rest of the money in the form of loan from the government.


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