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Business Idea: Job tension is over! Start this business sitting at home, there will be bumper earnings every month

Business Idea: If you are worried about your job or you are not getting a job. The solution to all such problems will be found in a blink of an eye. You can do such a business by leaving your job or with the job. In which to make a modest investment and there will be a bumper earning of lakhs of rupees per month.

We are telling you about setting up a spice making unit. Very little money is needed to start this business and you will earn a lot.

Let us tell you that spices have an important place in the kitchen of India. Millions of tons of different varieties of spices are produced in the country. It is easy to make and is prepared on the basis of regional taste and flavour. If you have an understanding of taste and flavor and a little knowledge of the market, then by setting up a spice making unit, you can earn big money.

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how much money to invest

In a report of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), the complete blueprint for setting up a spice making unit has been prepared. According to this report, Rs 3.50 lakh will be spent to set up a spice making unit. In which 300 sq ft building shed will cost Rs 60,000 and equipment will cost Rs 40,000. Apart from this, Rs 2.50 lakh will be required for the cost of starting work. Your business will start with this amount.

How will the fund be arranged?

If you do not have that much amount, then you can also take a loan from the bank to start this business. Loan can be taken for this business under the Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme. Apart from this, the help of Mudra Loan Scheme can also be taken.

where to buy

You can buy spices and machines through wholesale or online by visiting the link given below.


how much will you earn

According to the project report, 193 quintals of spices can be produced annually. In which a total of Rs 10.42 lakh can be sold in a year at the rate of Rs 5400 per quintal. After deducting all the expenses, there will be a profit of Rs 2.54 lakh annually. That is, earning more than 21 thousand rupees in a month.

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how to increase profits

It has been said in the report that if you start this business in your house instead of a rented place, then your profits will increase further. Starting a business at home will reduce the overall project cost and increase profits.

Increase sales through marketing

Your product is sold on your designer packing. Consult a packaging expert for packing and improve your packaging. You market your product in the local market. Establish direct contact between shopkeepers and households. Apart from this, also create a website of the company and mention all the products in it and also create social media pages, so that the whole world can know about your product.

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