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174 corona positive patients found, number of active patients 495

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Gondia, 174 corona positive patients were found in the Ahwal received on 12 January. So far a total of 578 patients have lost their lives due to corona in the district. At the same time, 14 active people have been discharged after they become healthy. A total of 41,791 patients have been found corona positive so far from the laboratory of Government Medical College, while 40,581 patients have defeated corona.

The number of corona active patients in the district is 495. These include 322 patients from Gondia Tehsil, 20 from Tiroda Tehsil, 18 from Goregaon Tehsil, 60 from Amgaon Tehsil, 39 from Saleksa Tehsil, 3 from Deori Tehsil, 9 from Road Arjuni Tehsil and 24 from Arjuni Morgaon Tehsil. Question about the health of corona victims in the district. 97.10, while the death of the victim patients is Q. 1.4 is. At the same time, the doubling rate is 11.6 days.

Corona’s doubling rate in the district reduced to 11 days

The first was 2934.6 days

New variants of Corona After Omicron, as new variants led by Corona are coming out, the increasing number of infected people has become a matter of concern amid their increasing danger. The number of corona patients in the district is increasing at a fast pace.

Continuous patients are being found for the last few days. A tremendous change has been seen in the trend of corona virus. The number of infected patients in the district is doubling in just 11.6 days. Earlier this rate was 2934.6 days. Under the guidelines of the government to keep the rising figures under control, the district administration has instructed the government, semi-government, industrial, institution heads of the district to strictly follow the corona rules. Fines are being collected from the violators. Of the 1670 people whose samples were taken in the district on January 11, 174 turned out to be corona positive.

Mortality rate 1.4 percent

Corona cases are doubling in 11 days. Earlier the doubling rate was 2934.6 days. The death rate remains 1.4 percent. Doubling rate means in how many days the cases of corona are doubling. The rate of doubling of the number of corona infected in the district is increasing continuously. No infected patients were found in the district on November 3, 2021, after which these figures are increasing from November 30.

In the report received on December 31, 2021, 1 patient, 2 on January 1, 2022, 9 on January 2, January 3, 5, 4 and 5 on January 14-14, 6 on 10, 7 on 45, 8 on 45 and 8. Reached close to double, 73 patients were recorded in the report received on this day. At the same time 72 on 9 January, 82 on 10 January, 36 patients appeared on 11.

Recovery rate 97.10 percent

Active case means that how many patients infected with corona are undergoing treatment. For example, by then the number of corona infected in the district has reached 41791. Of these, 395 are active patients. Whereas so far 40581 people have been cured after treatment. People who have recovered are not part of the active case. How many patients are recovering from this disease after being infected with corona? Its rate is called the recovery rate, in the district this rate is 97.10 percent.

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