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Friday, May 20, 2022

Today is a big earning opportunity, keep a close eye on Wipro, UTI AMC and banking shares

  • In the coming days, the company’s shares may see a further rise
  • UTI AMC’s share list will be released in the stock market today

Big earning Wipro

new Delhi. Since September 25, the Sensex has crossed the 40500 level due to the rise in the stock market. In which domestic companies have crossed the economic data this time in the domestic stock market. Now everyone is waiting to share in such a place so that the best earnings can be made. Now we will tell you how the results of sharing in Wipro will be.

One of the leading IT companies of the country, Wipro has seen a lot of growth in the stock market these days. This boom is about 14 percent. Where previously the share of this company was at Rs 313 which has now increased to close to Rs 374. As a result, Wipro shares are on the verge of breaking a 20-year-old record. Because the shares of Wipro are hitting the boom. That way he reached this level 20 years ago.

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On Monday, Wipro is expected to release its financial results for the second quarter of the current financial year this week. And the results of some will be released on Friday at the end of the week. Wipro, one of these companies, is also likely to get Nazite early this week. If you are thinking about investing your money then the biggest opportunity for investors is to earn.


Today, UTI AMC shares have been subscribed 2.3 times in the stock market, so if you invest on it today, then it is the most special opportunity to earn.

Bank fix deposit

Investing in a public provident fund provides benefits for tax deduction. Investment in this comes under section 80C. Up to 1.5 lakhs can be invested under 80C. There is no tax on interest earned on PPF. It is tax free.

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