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Stock Market Rally: Share market will rain money on investors this year, Nifty may touch 20 thousand and Sensex can touch 60,600 level

The stock market has got a big boost from the pace of revival of the economy.

NSE’s Nifty-50 and BSE’s Sensex can touch new highs in the next one year. ICICI Direct says that Nifty-50 can touch 20,000 and Sensex 66,600 in the next one year. This brokerage firm says that the government’s pro-growth policies and rising earnings of the corporate sector can give new momentum to the stock market. So far this calendar year, the Sensex and Nifty have gained 25 per cent. Nifty is currently at all-time high and can soon touch the level of 18 thousand for the first time. At the same time, the Sensex is close to touching the figure of 60 thousand.

Market will reach new highs this year: ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct says that investors have seen in recent times that only stock market returns can beat inflation. Second, the rapid pace of digitization has enhanced the working quality of companies and the economy. This is showing growth in companies and GDP. With the expansion of new technology, the access of investors to equities is increasing. More and more retail investors are now becoming participants in the rally of the stock market. There are many factors that can give a big boost to the market.

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In this way the stock market will get momentum

1. Benefit from the pro-growth policies of the government- Companies can benefit greatly from the government’s pro-growth policies. For example, the government has launched the PLI scheme for different industries. It can give a new impetus to manufacturing and employment. Steps like the relief given to the telecom sector can give a new breath to the economy.

2. Asset Monetization National asset monetization pipeline and strong tax collection will improve the financial position of the government. Rs 6 lakh crore will come from the asset monetization pipeline. Along with this, the GST collection of the government has been good and it is now crossing the figure of one lakh crore rupees every month. This will help the government to increase capex and spend on infrastructure. This will have a great impact on the economy.

3. Corona Vaccination The pace of corona vaccination has picked up pace in the country and so far 69 percent of the people have received a single dose of the vaccine. 200 crore doses will be taken by the end of this year. The fast pace of vaccination will create strength in the market.

4. Revival of Real Estate – There is a revival in real estate. There have been record registrations in Mumbai in September 2021. Residential house pricing has shown an increase. Residential property prices are also increasing in many states. The return of this sector on track can strengthen the stock market.

6. Start-ups also in stock market- After the great listing of Zomato, many unicorns are in the IPO line. Their good listing will prove beneficial for the stock market and investors.

8. Earnings of corporate companies increased – The earnings of corporate companies are increasing. There was a stagnation in the income of corporate companies between the financial year 2019-21. The earnings of Nifty were growing at the rate of only 5 per cent. But at present, the earnings of corporate companies are at the cusp of double digits. This will take the stock market to new heights.

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