Home Money Schemes Swades Skill Card Yojana: Register yourself for employment opportunities in the coming times

Swades Skill Card Yojana: Register yourself for employment opportunities in the coming times

Swades Skill Card Yojana: Register yourself for employment opportunities in the coming times

Swades Skill Card Yojana Register yourself for employment opportunities in the coming time: The whole world is fighting this global epidemic in this Corona period. This epidemic has not only sickened the common man. Rather, the entire world has been pushed towards a major economic downturn. Swades Skill Card has been created by the Yojana government keeping in mind the migrant Indians struggling with unemployment worldwide due to this global epidemic COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the lockdown was imposed across the country since the end of March, which was in force for the entire 3 months i.e. June.

Register yourself for employment opportunities in the coming times

Swades Skill Card Yojana

Subsequently, the country was gradually unlocked. Unlock 3 has been implemented in the month of August, providing some relief to the common citizens, but the main problem remains honey. Neither people have a job nor an option to do any work. Rising unemployment in the country remains constant. In view of this, the government has launched Swades Skill Card Yojana. This Swades Skill Card Yojana, implemented by the Government of India, is for many overseas Indian citizens working abroad due to the worldwide widespread corona epidemic.

Swades Skill Card Yojana

Returned home due to unsafe employment and life. Now that he has returned home and has no employment to live his life. Keeping this situation in mind, the Government of India has implemented a very fanciful scheme for many citizens returning home, in which every returning citizen is being registered online in Swades Skill Card Yojana based on their work efficiency. , So that all of them can get employment for living according to their work efficiency. An official website has also been launched by the Government of India under this scheme.

All registered migrant citizens will get jobs under Swades Skill Card Scheme

Not only this, those citizens returning home on this portal who have lost their employment during this corona period and are looking for new employment. All those non-resident Indians returning to their needy countries can register themselves on this official website. Under the Swades Skill Card Yojana operated by the Government of India, the information of all registered migrant citizens will be collected and shared with both indigenous and foreign companies. In this way the company will also be able to directly contact the citizens seeking employment directly on the basis of their work efficiency and their field of work and work experience.

Key Features of Swades Skill Card Yojana

1). On the official website released by the Government of India, an online registration form has been issued to collect data of the returned Indian citizens.
2). In this online registration form issued by the government, details related to the work of returned citizens will be taken.
3). In this online registration form, the expatriate Indian citizens have to give complete information related to the work. Such as type of employment, position of employment, duration of experience.
4). If a citizen applies / registers and has any inconvenience, the Government of India has also issued a helpline number 1800-123-9626 for redress.

Swades Skill Card Scheme के लाभ

1). In order to provide employment to the citizens returning home, for their maintenance, the Government of India will distribute the employment in a planned manner to the citizens based on their area of ​​work, efficiency and their experience.
2). The interested person will fill this details in his registration / application form, so that that person will be able to find suitable employment for himself based on his work skills.
3). The data filled by the interested person in the registration form will be shared with domestic and foreign companies, so that the company can contact that interested person directly.
4). The simple and straightforward objective of this scheme is to provide employment to those citizens who have lost their employment during this corona period, under which the needy people will be provided employment based on their efficiency.
5). The online application / registration form of Swadesh Skill Card Scheme was first released on the official website on 30 May 2020, since which thousands of expatriate citizens have registered themselves so far.

Online application for Swades Skill Card Yojana

1). First of all, you have to go to the official website of Swades Skill Card Yojana.
2). After reaching the Swades Skill Card, you will see the option of skill card registration form.
3). After clicking on this option, the Swadesh Skill Card online application / registration form will open.
4). Now the applicant has to enter all the information asked in the registration letter such as name, passport number, relevant district, contact details, email ID, migrant number (country code and mobile number) etc.
5). After this, the applicant’s current employment status, work area, job title / designation, total work experience and educational qualification of the applicant, etc. will have to be filled.
6). After filling all the information given by the applicant, they can submit their registration form by pressing the button below.
7). In this way, NRIs can register online under Swadesh Skill Card Yojana.

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