North Korea: People who are 'infatuated with grain'! The country's livelihood is being done by extracting rice from the army's stock

North Korea: People who are ‘infatuated with grain’! The country’s livelihood is being done by extracting rice from the army’s stock

North Korea is feeding the hungry people with rice kept in the army reserves to deal with the food crisis that has arisen here.

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Amidst the deepening of the food shortage in North Korea, the country has supplied rice to civilians from emergency military stockpiles. The intelligence agency of South Korea gave this information on Tuesday. Due to the hot winds and drought conditions, there has been a food crisis in the country. The country’s economy has also been hit hard due to the COVID-19 epidemic. But there have been no reports of mass starvation and panic situation. Observers expect the crisis to deepen in North Korea until the next harvest.

Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) told a secret meeting of a parliamentary committee that North Korea is using rice reserves meant to be used during the war for civilians, other workers and rural government agencies. Ha Tae-keung, one of the lawmakers who attended the meeting, told NIS that due to hot winds and drought conditions in North Korea, paddy, maize and other crops and cattle have been destroyed. have been killed. He said the NIS said North Korea’s leadership considers fighting drought a matter of national survival and is focusing on raising public awareness of its campaign.

North Korea has a shortage of 1 million tonnes of food grains

Another lawmaker, Kim Byung-ki, was quoted by NIS as saying that North Korea usually needs about 5.5 million tonnes of food to feed its 26 million people. But at present there is a shortage of 10 lakh tonnes. He said the NIS told lawmakers that North Korea was running out of grain stocks. Rice is the most important crop in North Korea, whose price has increased twice since the beginning of this year. Kim, citing NIS, said that the price remained stable in July, but it has increased once again.

China can help North Korea

The lawmakers did not elaborate on North Korea’s food situation or the steps it was taking. In the last few years also, such a food crisis was seen in North Korea. But the situation was handled through help from China. At present, the citizens of North Korea are buying other grains including rice at inflated prices. However, this time also, experts believe that China will come forward to help North Korea and help it prevent famine on a large scale. In fact, there is also a fear of North Korean citizens fleeing to China due to starvation.

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