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Do not panic if the money goes to the wrong account, take these steps immediately and you will be saved from loss.

Digital transactions have grown rapidly over the past few years and are happening online from banking to shopping. There is no longer any need to go to the bank to send money to someone’s account, rather you can do it sitting at home. However, sometimes it happens that due to some mistake, money goes into someone else’s account that you did not send. In this situation you are likely to get the money back, but there is a process. However, it is very important to know that money that is accidentally entered into someone else’s account can be returned only if the person is ready for it, in whose account the money has been returned. The bank will work as a medium in this.

This problem is mostly due to typing error in account number, IFC code or both. If money is sent to an account number that is not even done by the performer, then it will come back automatically, but if the money has gone to the account of a person, then a procedure has to be followed for it. If the bank does not do anything on your complaint then you can go to the Ombudsman who will ensure further action without taking any side.

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In case of wrong transaction, inform the bank immediately.

  • Giving information about bank details, it has to be proved that you have sent the money to the wrong account.
  • If you sent money to the account of a person whose name is the same, in whose account you were going to send money, then proof of this will have to be given.
  • Report the entire matter to the bank through a mail and keep a track record of the entire process.
  • The bank will work as a facilitator in this whole matter and can give you the details of the branch name and contact number of the account in which the money has gone.
  • If you have sent money to whose account, he is also a customer of the same bank you belong to, then the bank will contact your beneficiary and request you to send the money back.
  • If the beneficiary agrees, the money will be returned to your account in 7 working days.
  • If the beneficiary is from any other branch, then you will have to go to that branch yourself and meet the bank manager and talk to them for a solution.

If the beneficiary refuses to return the amount

  • If money is transferred to a bank account by mistake, it cannot be recovered without the consent of the beneficiary.
  • In such a situation the process becomes a bit difficult. Provide complete information about the matter to your bank. You have to provide ID proof, address and other information sought by the bank.
  • In this entire matter, communicate through mail so that it helps to keep a track record.
  • You can also opt for legal action if the beneficiary refuses to return the money.
    (Source- PolicyBazaar.com)

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