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6 shares preferred by Damani, Jhunjhunwala, Kacholia; Investors made rich in 2020, returns up to 153%

Ace Investors favourite Stocks: Be it RK Damani or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or Ashish Kacholia, they are considered to be big investors of the stock market. Which stocks they buy or sell from time to time, they all have special meaning for investors. Many retail investors follow the portfolios of all these giants. Not only this, we also make our stock portfolio according to them. Investors of the stock market also get the benefit of this. There are many such shares of choice of these veterans, who have given fierce returns to those who put money in them this year. In some, his money has more than doubled in less than 11 months.

Mastek Limited

YTD Returns: 140%

Ashish Kacholia holds 2.92 per cent stake in Mastek Limited. This information has been received from September quarter holding. Kacholia has bought 7,17,054 shares of the company and the total value of his investment is currently more than Rs 71 crore.

Mastek Limited has given 140 per cent return to share holders this year. On January 1, the share price was Rs 419, which showed at Rs 1006 in trading on November 23. That means a profit of Rs 587 per share has been made.

Vaibhav Global Limited

YTD Returns: 153%

Ashish Kacholia has bought 499,182 shares in Vaibhav Global Limited and his stake in the company is 1.54 per cent. The total value of the shares is Rs 106.6 crore.

So far this year, those who bought shares in Vaibhav Global Limited have received 153 percent return. The share price was Rs 849 on January 1, which was seen to trade at Rs 2145 on November 23. 1396 per share has gained.

India cement

YTD Returns: 110%

Damani holds 12.14 percent holding in India Cement. Damani has bought a total of 37,597,880 shares of India Cement. His total value is 567.4 crores.

India Cement has also rewarded investors this year. Investors in the stock have received 110 per cent returns so far this year. On January 1, the stock whose price was Rs 73, reached Rs 153 in trading on November 23. There is a profit of Rs 80 per share.

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Mangalam Argonics Limited

YTD Returns: 52%

RK Damani holds 2.17 per cent stake in Mangalam Organics Limited. Damani has invested in a total of 186,187 shares of the company. In terms of current price of Rs 445, their total value is close to Rs 8.2 crore.

Mangalam Argonics Limited has given 52 per cent returns to the share holders so far this year. On January 1, the share price was Rs 292, which rose to Rs 445 on November 23.

Agro Tech Food Limited

YTD Returns: 102%

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has bought 8.01 percent stake in Agro Tech Food Limited. Jhunjhunwala has 1,953,259 shares of the company and his total value current price is Rs 137.5 crore in terms of Rs 703.

Agro Tech Food Limited has given 102 percent returns to investors this year. On January 1, the share price was Rs 348, which increased to Rs 703 on November 23. Investors got a profit of Rs 355 per share.

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Escort Limited

YTD Returns: 131%

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds 5.64 per cent stake in Escort Limited. Although he reduced some stake in the September quarter, he still holds 7,600,000 shares of the company and his total value is Rs 1065 crore in terms of current price.

Escort Limited has given 131 per cent returns to investors this year. On January 1, the share price was Rs 606, which increased to Rs 1402. That is, a profit of Rs 796 per share has been received.

(Note: We have not advised investment here. Information is given based on the performance of the stock. There are risks in the market, so be sure to consult the expert before investing.)

Source: www.financialexpress.com

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