Home Money Insurance ICICI Lombard tied up with freepay card, medical health insurance until age 65

ICICI Lombard tied up with freepay card, medical health insurance until age 65

ICICI Lombard tied up with freepay card, medical health insurance until age 65

Non-life insurance company ICICI Lombard has introduced Group Safeguard Health Insurance Scheme with Freepaycard. FreePay Card is a major Indian company in online prepaid card transactions. This scheme of ICICI Lombard is for the members of Freepay Card Retail Private Limited. Under this insurance scheme, if the freepay card holder is admitted to the hospital for medical treatment due to accident or any disease, then he will get insurance. This insurance scheme, designed for Freepaycard members, will be available in outlets across the country of Freepaycard partners in various industry sectors.

There will be three types of covers

Under this health insurance scheme, daily cash benefit for treatment in hospital, death benefit and hospital treatment for various diseases is covered. Under the cash benefit received every day during treatment in the hospital, the insured will get a maximum cash benefit of Rs 60,000 for a maximum of 30 days in the hospital. The benefit of this cover can be purchased for 699 rupees annually and it will be applicable for treatment in any government or private hospital in the country. If the members of Freepaycard are availing any other health insurance coverage or are availing health insurance through their employer during the job, they can still buy this health insurance cover.

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Get accident insurance benefits for just Rs 699 annually

Under this scheme, the second cover can be obtained after paying Rs 699 for death benefit or personal accident insurance benefit for one year. In the event of accidental death or permanent disability, a compensation of Rs 10 lakh will be paid along with Rs 90,000 for parenting in the event of accidental death or permanent disability of the insured person.

Minimum 48 hours treatment will cover

Under the insurance scheme, due to various diseases, a hospital treatment cover of Rs 75 thousand can be taken for Rs 379 annually. 75 thousand will be included in the treatment of diseases included in this scheme, as well as the cost of treating malaria in the hospital. Various diseases like dengue, chikungunya, black disease, Japanese encephalitis and filariasis have been included in this scheme. However, to avail insurance, treatment is required in the hospital for at least 48 hours i.e. two days.

Insurance cover without any medical examination

All the members of the 18-65 age group of freepaycard are eligible for this scheme and they will not have to undergo any medical pre-examination to get insurance. Cardholders can choose any or all of the three insurance covers according to their needs and get a good insurance cover for themselves.