China furious over 'lewd picture' of its player who won gold in Tokyo Olympics, called news agency Reuters 'shameless'

China furious over ‘lewd picture’ of its player who won gold in Tokyo Olympics, called news agency Reuters ‘shameless’

Hou Zhihui: This Chinese player has won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. But China has expressed anger at the news agency Reuters over a picture released of the player and has even called it ‘shameless’.

China Angry on Hou Zhihui Picture

China Slams Reuters Over Hou Zhihui’s Picture: Chinese weightlifter Hou Zhihui has won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics held in Japan. But China has expressed anger about one of his pictures. This is the same picture, which was released by Britain’s international news agency Reuters. China has called it a ‘lousy picture’. Also asked the news agency not to drag politics into the game. In this matter, a tweet has been made towards China’s official newspaper Global Times. In which the picture of the player was also shared.

Global Times wrote in its tweet, ‘Reuters please respect the spirit of the Olympics. The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has criticized Reuters for selecting a lewd image of weightlifting gold medalist Hou Jihui. In this, the embassy is further written, ‘Don’t put politics and ideologies above the game and call yourself an unbiased media organization. shameless.’ Reuters and the Chinese embassy have also been tagged in this tweet (China Slams Reuters).

match with Indian player

Chinese player Hou Zhihui had a final match with Indian player Mirabai Chanu. In which Jihui won the gold medal and Chanu won the silver medal. In the women’s 49 kg weight category, weightlifter Mirabai lifted a total of 202 kg. While China’s Jihui won the gold medal by lifting 210 kg (Tokyo Olympic India). Along with this, Indonesia’s player Kentika Windi won the bronze medal. Talking about Mirabai Chanu, she has given India its first medal in the Tokyo Olympics. She is also the first Indian athlete to win a silver medal in weightlifting.

China’s relations with western countries have deteriorated

There is a lot of tension going on in China’s relations with Western countries at this time. It is not being made from any country including America, Britain and France. But China, who flared up on a picture, has done cowardly acts (China G7 Countries Cartoon). After the end of the meeting of the G7 countries, China had released a cartoon in which the heads of state of all these countries were shown as cartoons of animals. Who were wearing caps with the flags of their respective countries. Apart from this, he releases such cartoons every day. The only difference is that other countries do not give much attention to these antics of China and it gets flared on just one picture.

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