Triphala benefits, uses and disadvantages



Triphala means made of three fruits. Triphala is a medicine in Ayurveda which is made by combining these 3 fruits:

  • Harad
  • Baheda and
  • Gooseberry

When they are grinded and mixed in the ratio of 1: 2: 4, a wonderful medicine is prepared which we call Triphala. The main function of Triphala is to keep your stomach and digestive system clean, but eating Triphala has many other benefits which most people do not know. Today in this article you will get to know what are the wonderful benefits of eating Triphala, how to use Triphala, and before eating Triphala, you must read some important things because incomplete information can be dangerous.

16 amazing benefits of eating Triphala powder / Triphala Powder Benefits

1) Constipation – Constipation or constipation is a problem in which food starts to stick to the stomach and there is a lot of problem in bowel movement. If your stomach is not clean properly then the day also goes bad and you do not feel like doing any work, but if you have a complaint of constipation then there is no better Ayurvedic medicine in the world than Triphala. The person who consumes Triphala daily does not complain of constipation. Regular intake of Triphala is very useful in cleansing your stomach.

2) Digestive system – Taking Triphala daily eliminates many stomach related diseases and also makes the digestive system strong. If you have gas, acidity or any type of stomach or digestive problems then you should start consuming Triphala. Triphala not only strengthens your digestive system, but what you eat makes your body feel good and you get full benefit of that food item. Bodybuilders must consume Triphala, this gives them better results of their efforts.

3) Weight – If you are a person whose weight is too much or you are a person whose weight is very low, then you just start eating Triphala and concentrate on your diet. If the weight is high it will decrease and if it is low it will increase. Actually, there are some ingredients in Triphala that make your metabolism correct, due to which your weight becomes as much as it should be.

4) blood pressure – It is very important to keep blood pressure or blood pressure under control because if blood pressure is not under control then diseases like heart attack, paralysis can occur. Triphala is a medicine that keeps blood pressure under control, that means if your blood pressure is high then it will bring your blood pressure under control and if your blood pressure is low, then it will be raised to the right level.

5) Immunity – You have already understood in this corona period how important it is to have strong resistance. Immunity, which the English have called immunity, is not strong if viruses and bacteria like Corona virus easily penetrate inside your body and make you sick, so you should always try to keep your immunity strong. If you consume Triphala daily then it keeps your immunity strong.

6) Diabetes Triphala also has anti-diabetic properties. That is, if you have a problem of type-2 diabetes then you must take Triphala. This helps to keep the sugar level in your blood under control. It also keeps your cholesterol under control. However, if you do not want to have diabetes then you should consume Triphala daily.

7) Clean the liver – The kind of food that people have become in today’s time, people are consuming fried roasted things and junk food more, due to which their liver is becoming toxic. Liver can also be bad due to bad eating habits or excessive drinking, but when you start consuming Triphala daily, it starts detoxifying your liver, that is, it removes all the toxic elements of the liver and Your liver remains healthy.

Triphala Ke Fayde Nuksaan Aur Upyog Ka Tarika

8) Keep Kidney Healthy – There is no need to tell us how important a kidney is for a person to be alive. Kidney causes illness or some disorder due to drinking too much alcohol or due to consuming too much chemical related things. If these disorders are not cured for a long time, Kidney can also worsen, but if you consume Triphala, it removes your Kidney disorders as well as cleanses the toxins growing in your Kidney. And pulls it out of the body through your stool and urine.

9) Asthma – Ayurveda has treatment for asthma. If you consume Triphala continuously for 2 to 3 years, then the chronic asthma starts slowly and ends. Actually, Triphala contains amla which is full of antioxidants and also cures Kapha dosha. If you want your asthma to be gone from the root, then take the medicines you are taking right now and start consuming Triphala together. In a few years, the asthma problem will be gone from the root.

10) Defector – There are three types of defects in the body –

  • Gout
  • Pitta dosha and
  • Kapha dosha.

Due to these three doshas, ​​there are many types of diseases in the body. If you consume Triphala daily then Triphala balances these three doshas of your body due to which 90% of diseases never occur to you, that’s why in this article we have given so much emphasis to eat Triphala.

11) Clear blood – If the blood is not clean and toxic elements and toxins are filled with it, then many types of problems such as pimples, facial spots, boils start getting accustomed. The special thing of Triphala is that Triphala purifies the blood itself and pulls out all the toxins, due to which your blood is not only clean, you also feel more healthy and healthy.

12) Heart disease – Triphala reduces the bad cholesterol present in the blood and increases the good cholesterol due to which you do not have heart related diseases. Those who have a family history of heart attack must take Triphala. One more thing to know that if there are too many heart attacks in your family history, then you should also start taking Ashwagandha with Triphala, it will save you from heart diseases to a great extent.

13) For the mouth – If your mouth smells or your gums bleed, ie if you have pyorrhea or have any type of problem in your mouth, then you clean your teeth with Triphala and massage the gums. With this, all the disorders of your mouth will also be removed. If you want, you can also consume Triphala daily by taking Triphala in your mouth and rinse it with water.

14) For the eyes – If your eyesight is getting reduced day by day or you have cataract or you have glasses, then you must consume Triphala but you should also wash your eyes with Triphala. In such a night, before going to bed, you put two spoons of Triphala powder in three glasses of water and leave it overnight, and wake up in the morning and filter that water with a handkerchief. Now wash your eyes by splashing on your eyes with that water, by doing this everyday, your eyesight will increase as well as any infection present in the eyes will also be cured.

15) For Skin – As we told you, all the toxins present in the blood are taken out due to the consumption of Triphala, due to which the skin looks healthier and healthier than before. If you have any type of skin related problems such as pimples boils pimples or dark circles, then you just start consuming Triphala, your problems will be cured. If you want, you can also apply Triphala paste on your face because it can cure boils and pimples quickly and also increases the brightness of the face.

16) For hair – Amla is rich in Triphala and Amla is rich in vitamin-C and antioxidants. Amla is very beneficial for hair. If your hair is falling or becoming prematurely white then you should take Triphala and wash your hair with fellow Triphala. One more thing to know that if your hair is falling due to hereditary reasons then If you shave your hair, it will definitely reduce its speed.

How to use Triphala How to use triphala powder in Hindi

Triphala is very easy to use, you have to eat a spoonful of Triphala with a glass of lukewarm water after 1 hour of having dinner. If you want to wake up in the morning and eat one spoon of Triphala powder on an empty stomach, it will also have many benefits.

Disadvantages of eating Triphala Side-effects of triphala churna

  • Do not give Triphala to children below the age of 5 years otherwise it may harm them.
  • You have to consume one teaspoon of Triphala every night, if you want, you can also take two spoons of Triphala, but you do not have to eat more than Triphala or else you may have loose motion.
  • Do not consume stomach cleansing medicines found in the market at all, because Triphala is also infused with Sanayapatti. Sanaipatti is very good if taken once a month, but by taking it daily, it not only cleanses your stomach, but also pulls out vitamins and minerals present in your food, so Triphala or any other Before taking Ayurvedic medicine Doctor’s advice Must take.
  • Apart from this, pregnant women or breastfeeding women should also not consume it.
  • Patients taking Cytochrome P450 (CYP) substrate drugs should also not take it.
  • There are many complaints of adulteration in Triphala powder, so buy Triphala powder from a good brand or make it yourself at home.

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How to make Triphala Powder. How to make Triphala Powder

Many companies have Triphala powder in the market, but it is better that you make Triphala powder at home and use it because it will be pure and also cheaper.

The easiest way to make Triphala is to go to the grocer shop from there –

  • 100 grams Harad
  • 200 grams of deafening and
  • 400 grams Amla

Buy these three things not in the form of powder, but in the form of pieces, now put these three things in the mixie and grind your Triphala is ready.

One more thing to keep in mind that you should make as much Triphala in one go as you can finish Triphala in 4 to 5 months because after 4 to 5 months of preparation, the effectiveness of Triphala starts to end.

Friends, hope that you will definitely find this information related to Triphala and by using it you will be constantly healthy.