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These 10 things leave the food at night in the Corona period

Health Tips: Leave these 10 things at night in the Corona era, these immunities will become weak | Better food is very important to live a healthy and long life. It is more important to eat on time. It often happens that people eat anything at any time. You may not even realize how harmful it can be for your health. Eating and drinking anything will go on in the afternoon, but eating anything during the night can be dangerous for health.

These 10 things to stop eating at night

Health Tips: These 10 things to leave food at night

Eating certain foods during the night not only leads to weight gain but also does not result in good sleep. We are telling you what things you should avoid eating during the night. Especially during the Corona period, you should take care of your food or drink, otherwise your immune system may be weak.

Junk food

Often people eat junk food at night. These junk foods include pizza, burgers, chowmin and many more. If you consume these things before sleeping then it will increase your weight. Also, you can also fall prey to heart related diseases. Junk food contains saturated fat which takes a long time to digest.


Never eat non-veg at night. The first thing is that non-veg contains a lot of protein and secondly, it is difficult to digest it at bedtime. The process of digesting food at night slows by 50 percent. In this case, the body focuses on digesting protein instead of sleeping, which will also make a difference on sleep.

Processed food

Many times, people eat instant chips when hungry at night. But do you know chips are processed food. Such food contains a high amount of monosodium glutamine. This may cause trouble sleeping.

Ice Cream

Many times in the night people feel like eating ice cream. They go quickly and eat ice cream out of the fridge. If you are doing something similar then do not do it. Ice cream contains both fat and sugar. Eating it at night causes weight gain.

Spice food

Many people like to eat spicy food. Some people are such that they do not eat until the red color is seen floating on the vegetable. If you are also eating spicy food at night, then you change this habit completely. Eating spicy food at night causes stomach irritation and gas problems.


Most people like to eat fruit after dinner. Doing this can outweigh your health. Fruits contain natural sugar. Eating it causes difficulty in digestion. Therefore, avoid eating fruits at night.


Consuming rice at night is harmful, rice has high carbohydrate, so its digestion is not easy at night.


Pickles may increase the taste of our food manifold, but eating pickles at night can spoil digestion, and cause acidity and gas problems.

Sweet things

Many people prefer to eat sweet after meals, but consuming sweets at night increases the risk of diabetes, so do not eat sweet things at night.


Coffee contains caffeine and may affect your sleep. By the way, a small amount of caffeine intake for better sleep is helpful in better sleep, but if you continue to consume caffeine in any form throughout the day, then consuming caffeine items at night can harm you.

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