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Sweet Neem or Curry Leaves Are Very Beneficial

Many such spices are found in our kitchen, which is used to enhance the taste of food as well as to treat many serious diseases. One of these is curry leaves. Its scientific name is Muraya Koeniji. It is also called by names like curry leaves, curry leaves and sweet neem. In English, it is addressed as curry leaf and in Sanskrit as Krishna Nimba. It has been used in southern India for a long time. Given its medicinal properties and characteristics, it is now being used in most parts of the country. In this article of Stylecrase, we will tell you in detail about the nutritional elements, characteristics and benefits of curry leaves.

Sweet neem or curry leaves are very beneficial

Benefits of sweet neem or curry leaves

  • If you are a patient of diabetes, you can easily get rid of this problem by including hard leaves in your diet. It is extremely beneficial for controlling blood sugar.
  • In the case of phlegm, phlegm drying, or congestion in the lungs, curry leaves will be very helpful for you. For this, grind hard leaves or take the powder with honey.
  • Hard leaves, a great source of iron and folic acid, help your body absorb iron and protect you from problems such as anaemia. Eating empty stomach, hard leaves and dates daily will benefit.
  • The hard leaf is beneficial in any type of skin disease. If you are troubled by acne or other problems for a long time, then eat hard leaves every day and make a paste.
  • You can use it to make hair thick, black and strong. For this, boil hard leaves in coconut oil and apply that oil in the hair and massage it well.
  • If there is a digestive problem or if diarrhoea occurs, grind the hard leaves and drink it mixed with buttermilk. It will also calm stomach upset and will help resolve all stomach defects.

Kadi Patta OR Curry Leaves: What is sweet neem or curry leaves?

Curry Leaves (sweet neem) have been used in India since many years ago. Frying its wet and dry leaves in ghee or oil and applying it to curry or greens etc. makes the food very tasty, aromatic. The curry leaves are seasoned with lentils and the lentils become tasty. Dumplings are made by mixing curry leaves in gram flour.

Loss of sweet neem or hard leaves

Although no damage has been observed to curry leaves, in some situations or high doses, it may prove harmful. Allergic effects can also be seen in some people. In such a situation its use should be discontinued. Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before using it, as some side effects of its use can be seen in this situation. At the same time, in some cases, the use of its oil can also weaken the hair roots and cause them to fall.

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