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Stomach, acidity, constipation … Instant and effective home remedies for indigestion, acidity, constipation, gastric problem

First of all keep these things in mind-

– In case of complaints of heaviness in the stomach, constipation, diarrhea and gas, eat curd.
Eat a balanced diet that has sufficient fiber.
– The food items that trouble you, keep such things in note in the diary and avoid their consumption.

Acidity and gas

– Eating two bananas in the morning and drinking a cup of milk provides relief from acidity in a few days.
Eating flour bread with bran is also beneficial.
– After taking food, taking two tablespoons of isabgol with milk is beneficial in acidity.
– Mixing a little roasted cumin and powdered Sendha salt in orange juice provides relief.
– Mixing equal quantity of mint juice in ginger juice two to three times a day is beneficial.
To get rid of acidity, add a little rock salt and roasted cumin to ginger juice and drink half a glass of buttermilk.
– Lick quarter teaspoon lemon juice in one teaspoon parsley. The gas will cool down soon.
– If there is gas in the stomach, grind pure asafetida and place it on the cotton cap and keep it on the navel. This will remove gas and the pain will be cured.

Importance Of Balanced Diet And Healthy Lifestyle

Stomach pain

Gastric Problem

– Chewing a little parsley or peppermint relieves the pain of colic.
– Eating 1 gram rock salt and 2 grams powder of parsley provides instant relief from stomachache.
Grind 3 grams soft leaves of tamarind on the cob and mix 1 gram rock salt in it and drink it to relieve stomachache.
– Drinking lemon juice mixed with radish juice provides relief in stomach ache or gas.
– Taking 2-2 grams powder of jambule and mango kernels with buttermilk thrice a day relieves stomachache.
– By eating fenugreek powder mixed with curd, there is a suppression of stomach cramps or drinking black grapes in fenugreek’s vegetable juice, drinking also reduces the complaint of torsion.
– By adding asafoetida and black salt, applying warm oil on the stomach provides relief.


– Include as much fiber in your diet.
– Include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet.
– Start the day with a glass of honey mixed with lukewarm water.
– Drink a glass of water every hour. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
– Before bed, drink a teaspoon of honey mixed with a glass of fresh water. Will not be constipated.
– Drink the juice of two big yellow ripe oranges before breakfast in the morning.
On an empty stomach, mix one lemon juice and one gram rock salt in a glass of water and consume it for a few days. It also cures chronic constipation.
– 250 milliliters of green churning powder Drink lukewarm water. The stomach will clear up as soon as you wake up in the morning.
– Taking 3 grams of fennel powder with lukewarm water before bed is beneficial in constipation.
– Consuming two apples on an empty stomach early in the morning eliminates constipation.
– Constipation is cured by eating 4-5 dry grapes on waking up in the morning.

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Gastric Problem

– Stay away from alcohol, spicy things and caffeine. Do not smoke, as this increases the problem.
– Keep eating something at regular intervals. Chew well and eat.
– Put a small piece of ginger in the hot water. Leave it for a few minutes and drink before eating.


– After drying the dried orange peel and dry seeds of dry grapes in equal quantity, diarrhea stops.
– If you have bloody diarrhea, eat 10 grams butter of cow’s milk and drink buttermilk from above.
Fry fennel and cumin in equal quantity and grind them. Taking half a teaspoon of powder with water is beneficial in diarrhea.
– Take a pinch of dry ginger with one spoon of honey, it provides relief in diarrhoea.
If you are having diarrhea due to heat, eat 8-10 water chestnuts and drink whey. It will give rest in a day.
Boil raw bananas and peel them. Heat a little ghee in a vessel and add 2-3 banana cloves and add banana. Put curd mixed with coriander powder, turmeric and rock salt. Cook by adding some water. Eating it in diarrhoea has special benefits.

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