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New Research: Do We Need Bath Every Day? Doctors said it is not necessary to bathe daily

Even though daily bathing is considered good for health, but in a recent research by a team of doctors, they have said that if someone does not take bath every day then there is no harm in it.

Having spent most of our time at home in the corona pandemic, there have been some changes in our daily routine and habits. Like, before going to school or office by taking a bath everyday, there has been a lot of change because now there is no need to do it everyday. Work from Home has promoted it further. But isn’t daily bathing harmful to health? A team of doctors has recently answered this frequently asked question in their new research.

No harm from daily bathing

In this new normal of work from home and social distancing, no one is avoiding bathing but many people have reduced it. According to Dr. Robert H. Shirling, senior faculty editor at Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School, daily bathing can actually do more harm than good. Explaining the reason for this, he said that our immune system, the immune system, needs some amount of dirt, microorganisms and other risks in the environment to develop immune memory and work to its full potential as soon as indicated. This is why some dermatologists and paediatricians recommend not to bathe children daily. Because it reduces the body’s ability to withstand bacteria and harmful dust present in the environment around us.

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Daily bath can cause skin damage

Dr. Robert says that the maximum effect of daily bathing is on our skin. Bathing daily can cause problems like skin irritation, dryness, itching because by doing so, the natural oil of our skin is reduced. Because of this, poorly cracked and very dry skin can cause bacteria and allergies, which can also cause allergies and skin infections. At the same time, normal bacteria which benefit the body are also destroyed by using anti-bacterial soap while bathing. This increases the number of organisms on the skin that are more resistant to antibiotics.

Get used to bathing according to the profession

In his study, Dr. Robert has said that we should balance the habit of bathing daily keeping in mind our profession. According to Best of Life, people who have close contact with doctors, healthcare workers, paramedics, construction workers, plumbers and athletes who live close to the virus, mildew and bacteria should be bathed daily. Similarly, people who exercise regularly and sweat a lot should also be bathed daily to prevent bacteria from growing fast on our skin. The rest of the normal working people do not need to bathe daily.

… but keep vital organs clean

Instead of bathing daily, dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnik suggests that people regularly apply soap on their sides, feet and waist where the skin is the most sensitive and there is a greater possibility of bacterial and fungal growth. Also, keep better cleanliness of genitals. Also, wash hands frequently during the time of the pandemic. Also, clean teeth regularly twice a day. It prevents tooth, cavity and wears and tear of teeth. Even during winter, applying 15 SPF sunscreen can reduce melanoma and other skin related risks.

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