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Know which foods are harmful for health together

In the case of food and drink, hardly anyone will take any care, but you will be surprised to know that after spending so much money, you are not getting any special benefit from the nutritious food you are eating in your home. The main reason for this is the wrong food combination i.e. eating such things together which neutralize each other’s benefits.

Experts’ opinion-

The first problem is that different elements of combination food do not allow the body to get nutrients along with each other. Secondly, when we eat two such things which should be in the stomach at different times like sugar and protein. One of these things starts in the stomach which causes problems like gas and belching in the stomach.

Pouring coffee in milk-

Often many people do not like to drink plain milk and they add coffee to taste. But this habit is wrong due to which the body is not able to use the iron present in our food and other nutrients are also wasted, so drink coffee, black tea or green tea before and after three hours before eating.

Do not eat citrus and sweet fruits together-

Sweet fruits like oranges such as citrus and bananas should not be eaten together. By eating them together, they inhibit digestion and this also reduces the nutritional value of fruits.

Fruit, no water after the salad

Do not drink water with fruits or salads or immediately after. Especially with cucumber, cucumber, banana, melon, watermelon and papaya, take these precautions. If you do not do this, you may have diarrhoea and cold.

Do not add salt to the salad

Eat fruits and salads without salt and spices because when we add salt to them, all the elements present in them come out with juice.

Avoid too much protein

Do not eat large quantities of protein-rich items such as chicken, fish, mutton and eggs with starchy items such as potatoes or fine flour. Eat only one type of protein at a time. For example, if you have chicken, do not eat mutton or fish and if you have cheese, do not take soy.

Do not take yoghurt with milk

Both milk and curd have different effects. Yoghurt is a food item with yeast. Consuming them together can cause stomach gas and vomiting.

Do not take milk and citrus fruits-

The calcium contained in milk assimilates the nutrients of fruits and their nutrition is not available to the body. Sour fruits like oranges and pineapples should not be taken with milk at all.

Milk and salt are not together

Milk contains lactose sugar and protein in addition to minerals and vitamins. The addition of salt to milk freezes milk proteins and reduces nutrition. If done for a long time, skin diseases can occur.

Sweeter before dinner better

It is better if sweet is eaten before eating, because then not only is it easily digested, but the body also gets more benefit. Eating sugary after meals do not easily digest protein and fat. Sugar is digested first in the body, protein is followed by fat.

No water immediately after meals

Water should not be drunk immediately after a meal because the juice that forms in our stomach while eating is helpful in digesting food, but when we drink water, the juice dissolves in water, which makes it difficult to digest food.

Source: www.patrika.com

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