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Know these important things about birth control and Home Remedies of Birth Control

Women use methods of birth control, but even today there are many questions related to it, many misconceptions remain in their minds. Even today, women do not know all the important information related to birth control. There is no misconception related to birth control in your mind, this is what we want, so we have brought all the information related to it to you.

Learn about birth control pills

Birth control pills i.e. birth control pills are daily pills, ie it has to be taken daily. These are tablets containing estrogen and progesterone, which affect the natural cycle of the body, which can prevent pregnancy. It stops the process of ovulation, so that egg is not released from ovary and there is no possibility of pregnancy.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills: Emergency contraceptive pills, also known as morning after pills, act to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. This pill should be taken within 42 hours of unprotected sex i.e. 3 days. But according to doctors, the sooner the emergency contraceptive pill is taken after unsafe sex, the greater the effect. Keep in mind, birth control pills guarantee safe sex, while emergency pills do not, so do not take emergency contraceptive pills as an option for safe sex. If you have ever had unsafe sex, then it is only wise to take it. Do not make it a habit.

When and how to take birth control pills: These pills will be effective only if you have to take them daily at the appointed time. You can take it from the 5th day of periods. The normal menstrual cycle is believed to be of 21 days. You have to take these pills for 21 days. If you forget the pill one day, you can take two pills the next day. If you have forgotten to take pills for two consecutive days, then you can take two pills on the next day. But if you forget to take the pills for two or more days, immediately meet the doctor and ask about other options.

When does the effect of birth control pills start: Well, the effect starts from the 14th day. But for complete safety, doctors recommend using a condom a week after starting the pill.

How effective are birth control pills: If taken properly, they give complete protection from unwanted pregnancy. But keep in mind if you are taking any other medicines or supplements, the effect of birth control pills may be reduced. In such a situation it would be better to consult your doctor.

How safe are birth control pills: Birth control pills are considered completely safe for most women. But it can also have side effects in some women and in some health conditions. Therefore, it is better to take pills on the advice of a doctor, so that your new life starts in a healthy way.

What are the side effects: Initially some of the side effects of birth control pills like bloating, breast heaviness, mood swings, weight gain, headache, stomachache, vomiting, feeling of depression, etc. can have problems, which can happen automatically in two-three months. Turn away If there is more trouble, consult a doctor immediately. They may prescribe you some other birth control pills which have less side effects.

Taking birth control pills can cause difficulty in conceiving in future: There is no problem in getting birth control pills. Whenever you have a pregnancy plan, stop taking it. Yes, it may take one or two months for some women to become normal, but most women can conceive as soon as they stop their pill. So if the child has to plan then just stop taking the pills, visit the doctor and enjoy becoming a mother.

Do birth control pills also have an effect on periods: Different women have different reactions to birth control pills. Some women complain of heavy bleeding, pain, irregular periods after taking these pills, so by taking these pills some women have regular periods and they also get less pain during periods.

Contraceptive home remedies

There are some home remedies you can follow to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Although like other contraceptive methods, they do not give 100 percent guarantee, they are absolutely safe.
– After unprotected sex, eat 2-3 pieces of fig, which will help in preventing pregnancy.
– Eat papaya after unprotected sex, it will not lead to pregnancy. It is recommended to eat it 2 times a day for 2 to 3 days after sex.
– Ginger also acts as a contraceptive. If you do not want an unwanted pregnancy, after sex, boil ginger and sip it.
Neem is also a great natural contraceptive. This reduces the sperm’s ability to reach the egg, which prevents egg fertilization and reduces the chances of pregnancy.
– By consuming vitamin C you can prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this, you need to take pure vitamin C, in which there is no adulteration. Take it twice a day after unprotected sex.

Avoid these myths

– It is just a myth that women who are breastfeeding are not likely to be pregnant. If you have a similar misunderstanding, then remove it from your mind from today itself. Due to the hormones that form in the body during breastfeeding, ovulation stops for some time, but this does not apply to every woman equally.
There is no truth in the fact that bathing immediately after sex does not cause pregnancy. Going to urine after sex or taking a shower is not related to sperm fertilizing the egg.
– Most people believe that having unprotected sex on safe days does not result in pregnancy, while these are absolutely wrong. Women can be pregnant even on safe days, so use protection during sex.
Also, know that any birth control is 100 percent effective.

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