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Know about Hina Khan’s fitness and beauty tips


Know about Hina Khan’s fitness and beauty tips: Hina Khan says that if you want to keep yourself fit, then it is very important to exercise! Hina Khan shares her workout videos on social media and motivates the fans to stay fit! There are millions of Hina Khan fans, who like to follow her workout tips! If you want to keep yourself fit, you can follow Hina Khan’s fitness tips! Exercising not only keeps the body fit Rather your mind remains calm too! You can watch this video for Hina Khan’s fitness workout tips.

Learn about Hina Khan’s fitness and beauty tips

Hina Khan exercise and yoga increase stamina: know about Hina Khan’s fitness and beauty tips

Hina Khan performs Virabhadrasana daily

Fitness Freak Hina Khan does yoga as well as sweating in the gym! Hina does Virabhadrasana to keep fit and mind calm! She has shared her pictures on social media for fans while doing this asana! Virabhadrasana Also know the name of Warrior pose! By doing this asana, the body stays healthy and boosts self-confidence! This asana helps in boosting the energy power of the body as well! Apart from this asana, hands, shoulders, thigh and The muscles of the waist are strong.

Hina Khan exercises daily

She is not careless about her fitness! Hina said, “That fitness freak has happened in the last few years! When I have less work week, I go to the gym every day! Whenever back for shooting When travelling back to back, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Hina’s Workout Plan

At least 1 hour workout 6 days a week
His routine includes mix weight training, functional training, kick boxing and TRX exercise.
According to Hina, hardcore weight training, functional fitness, core strength, kick boxing are the best workouts to stay fit and increase energy levels.
She also does yoga at least 3-4 times a week.
Apart from workouts, she also performs kick-boxing in the routine.

Hina Khan consumes fruits

Hina Khan loves both veg and non veg food! However, Hina Khan eats both! Hina Khan is mostly on a fruit diet! She includes every fruit of the season in the diet! Hina is also fond of eating fruit smoothies! Things made from refined sugar and fine flour Hina Khan Touch Neither does she.

Diet plan of henna

If they talk about their beauty, then their diet is the most amazing! They drink a lot of water! So that their skin always looks beautiful. They enhance their skin with home remedies! Such as tomatoes, yogurt, She takes care of her skin with all the ingredients! She eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food but in limited quantities! At breakfast, she takes a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice, two bananas, corn flakes, cheese omelettes! Apart from this, her diet also includes 1 bowl curd, 1 amla, green vegetables and fruits! In addition, on Sunday lunches, she cheats with her diet and eats a favourite dish.

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