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Identify breast cancer yourself and avoid it

Identify breast cancer yourself and avoid it


Breast Cancer: Identify breast cancer yourself and protect it like this: Breast cancer is a disease that takes women to the door of death! One in every eight women in India is vulnerable to breast cancer! Experts say that the number of women suffering from this is increasing rapidly in India! This disease that comes down often shows many symptoms in the beginning but we ignore it! If it is identified in time, then we can prevent deaths from it! So let us give you some tips today, which can protect you from disease like breast cancer!

How To Identify breast cancer yourself and avoid it?

breast cancer symptoms types cure: identify breast cancer yourself and protect it as such

These signs also indicate that breast cancer may occur

Gynecologist Dr. Swati A. of Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi. Gaekwad says that all women above 30 years should do self-examination every month and get mammography done once a year! She says that these are the biggest signs of breast cancer! Long-lasting scar after pressing the breast! Missing the skin around the breast and nipples and not healing wounds! Liquid discharge like blood, pus or mucus from the nipples! Pits in the breast! Clear blood vessels in the breast Nipple goes inward! Difference in shape and size of breast and nipple! Wrinkles fall on the skin of the nipple (breast) (the skin looks like orange peel)! The milk glands inside the breast are clearly visible above! Now cancer level can be easily identified

It is not yet clear what is causing breast cancer! But it has been seen that some genetic causes also occur. It has been seen in many cases that if a member of the family has a breast cancer disease, then the risk of getting this disease increases more than the rest! “Breast cancer can occur at any age, but after 40 years of age it is more at risk! In many cases, breast cancer cases occur even among women in their 20s! Women need to be vigilant! Women keep checking their breasts from time to time! If you ever feel a lump in the breast, go to the doctor immediately! FNAC is tested to find cancer!

Precautions related to breast cancer

One or more of these symptoms should be checked immediately. Early detection of the disease can be cured with minimal treatment and fewer complications!

How many stages are there in breast cancer

Cancer in the tissue or duct that makes milk is limited to that and no other part of the body, even the rest of the breast, has reached! The tissue starts to expand slowly and it affects the surrounding healthy tissue! It can spread to the fatty tissue of the breast and some of the breast tissue may also reach the nearest lymph node! Cancer of this stage increases significantly or spreads to other parts! It may have spread to other parts!

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