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FDA to approve drug to cure Donald Trump, Corona will be cured in this day

This is very good news not only for America but for the whole world. Until the specialized vaccine of the coronavirus is exposed, a vaccine that has been replaced by the coronavirus is being recovered quite quickly. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved this vaccine for the treatment of corona and is the first vaccine in the world to be used to treat the coronavirus. This vaccine was used to treat Donald Trump. After which Trump fully recovered from Corona and started his election campaign. You may also be wondering what is the name of this vaccine and which company is it? In how many days can the use of this vaccine be rescued from the coronavirus? Let us also answer all these questions.

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Coronation suffers in 15 days, not 10 days
According to the media report, the name of this drug is Remadecivir. Which is got from the Food and Drug Administration. This medicine will be given to patients admitted to the hospital. Gilead Sciences Inc. of California named this medicine as Vekaluri. Also, it has been found that by taking this medicine, the covid patient can be cured in 10 days instead of 15 days. According to a study by the American National Health Organization, the coronavirus patients’ hospitalization was reduced by 5 days and the risk of death by 30%.

The world’s first medicine
Remadecivir is the world’s first approved drug. US President Donald Trump was also given the same medicine. Now this drug can be given to those people who have been admitted to the hospital because of Covid. Also, whose age is at least 12 years and weight must be at least 40 kg. According to media reports, Remadecivir blocks the enzyme that helps in the copying of the coronavirus. Some investigation will be required before using this medicine on patients.

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Approval received in 50 countries
Use of this medicine will neutralize the hydroxychloroquine of malaria. According to the Gilead company, they told that this medicine has either been approved or temporarily approved in 50 countries. Currently, there has been controversy over the cost of this medicine. The reason for this is that no study found an improvement in survival rates. Just last week, a study by the World Health Organization found that the drug does not help hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

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