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Benefits of Jaggery (Gur) eating jaggery is beneficial for health


Benefits of Jaggery (Gur): Regulates body temperature, consuming hot milk and jaggery is beneficial. Jaggery is also known as natural sweet. Gud is not only sweet and tasty in food but is also very beneficial for health. In Ayurveda, Gud is said to be very beneficial for health. In winter, jaggery acts as a power booster. Jaggery has the power to heat the body, that is why it is recommended to eat it in winter. Consuming jaggery with hot milk is even more beneficial. It not only regulates the temperature of the human body but also detoxifies it. There are 38 calories in 10 grams of jaggery.

Benefits of Jaggery: Regulates body temperature

Jaggery (Gur) regulates body temperature

Benefits of eating jaggery: Use Jaggery for good health

Jaggery is a better option for those who are fond of sweet food. Many people are very fond of jaggery food items like jaggery mercury, jaggery laddus and chikki. Consuming jaggery after eating food is good for the stomach. It is quickly digested, increases blood and increases appetite. Apart from this, eating things made from jaggery gives relief from diseases. Consuming jaggery can keep you healthy in winter. The taste of sweet jaggery is hot. If jaggery is mixed with water, its effect becomes cold. It removes harmful toxins from your body.

Ingredients found in jaggery

  • Sucrose – 7%
  • Glucose – 21.8%
  • Mineral Liquid – 26% (Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus)
  • Water – 8.86%

Benefits of Jaggery: Benefits of Jaggery

  • Keep away from stomach related problems
  • Reduces ACDT and gas
  • Prevent constipation
  • Helpful in increasing physical strength
  • Get rid of skin related problems
  • In earache
  • Best iron thread
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helpful in joint pain
  • Keeps the body temperature normal
  • Good sleep
  • Migraine and Headache
  • Beneficial in cold and chronic cough
  • Beneficial for blood pressure
  • Remove irregular menstrual problems
  • Helpful in boosting memory

Consumption of hot milk and jaggery is beneficial

Consuming hot milk and jaggery is beneficial for good health, especially in winter it should be consumed. Calcium and protein are found in milk, which is very important for health. This makes the growth and bones strong in children, and it is also very helpful in fighting against diseases. In the winter season, drinking jaggery instead of sugar in warm milk increases its properties even more.

  • Mixing jaggery in hot milk and drinking it clears the blood. This causes toxins to come out of the body.
  • Adding sugar to milk increases fat. Mixing jaggery instead of sugar, drinking it helps in weight control. Also, your obesity will start decreasing.
  • Consuming jaggery with hot milk relieves stomachache. This will eliminate stomach related problems.
  • Eating a small piece of jaggery daily with ginger relieves pain.
  • Many women are in a lot of pain when they get periods. In this way, drinking jaggery with warm milk will relieve pain.
  • If you are troubled by tiredness after working all day, then consuming jaggery with milk will remove tiredness.
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