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Be Careful If You Start Losing Weight Fast – If your weight starts decreasing rapidly, then be careful, know about it

Especially if you have lost more than five percent or up to five kilos in six months, then it can be a symptom of some serious disease.

Many times the weight of hypothyroid patients also falls rapidly. If symptoms like fatigue, headaches, frequent hunger, difficulty concentrating, if weight is also falling rapidly, it can be a symptom of hypothyroid. However, in hypothyroid patients, the reverse occurs several times. That is their weight increases rapidly.

Being stressed

Many times in a state of stress, a person feels less hungry. Due to less food, the body does not get the necessary fuel. In this case, the fat stored in the body breaks down into glucose and the body uses it as fuel. Due to this, the weight starts to decrease.

Cancer –

Weight loss occurs rapidly in one-third of cancer cases, especially in older people. This is because cancer cells grow rapidly and for this, they require huge amounts of energy.

mentally handicapped-

One of the reasons for rapid weight loss is to be mentally weak. Even if a person is mentally disturbed or undergoing treatment, the weight of such a person increases rapidly or starts falling.

To have some work pressure

In many cases, pressure or pressure also cause weight loss. A person is vulnerable to low weight even in bad conditions or difficulties. When we eat less food, the body cannot get full calories and energy, in such a situation, our lack of nutrients reduces our resistance. Apart from this, weight can also be lost due to liver or heart problems. So whenever you lose weight, do not ignore it.

Intestinal disease-

Many times, in the stomach and intestinal diseases, the body is not able to take food completely and even the food that goes into the body cannot be used according to the need, hence the rapid weight loss occurs.


Source: www.patrika.com

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