Home Business You can also do business of making egg trays, you will earn well

You can also do business of making egg trays, you will earn well

You can also do business of making egg trays, you will earn well
Egg Trays Business Idea: If you want to do the business of something, then we have brought for you some business ideas that will help you in doing right and profitable business. There are many types of businesses in the world, by which you can earn a lot of money. One of these businesses is to make egg trays. Any person can do this business easily, just he should know a little information related to it.

Egg Trays Business Idea

Such Egg Trays Business Idea has higher profits. So if you are thinking of opening a business, then you can also think about this business. There is a great demand to make egg trays in every country and the egg tray manufacturing process is also quite easy. Because these trays can be made with the help of scrap paper pulp and egg tray machinery. Today we are going to give you information about things to do with the opening of this business.

The raw material for egg tray

To make the egg tray, firstly you will need scrap paper, scrap core board, paper tube and caustic soda. Egg trays can be made easier with the help of these materials. Not only this, but these materials will also be easily available from anywhere and at cheap prices.

Egg tray making machine process

Before making an egg tray, you need to know how to make this tray, run the machine connected to it or how to work with them. At the same time, you are being told about the machines used in the tray making process.

Paper cutting machine

In the first phase, the dust or any unnecessary material is removed from the waste paper by beating it with a stick. This paper is then cut into pieces with the help of a cutting machine. If you wish, you can do the paper cutting process with either an electric or manually operated cutting machine.

Paper pulp making machine

With the help of this machine, the waste paper is converted into pulp. During this process, pieces cut into paper are put into a hydraulic pulper which contains water. It is then left for a while to solidify this pulp. Caustic soda is also added to the pulp to make it up to 4% solid.

But sometimes even without caustic soda, the pulp solidifies on its own. So only use it if needed. The pulp is then placed in a tank using a pump and water is added to it as per the requirement so that the pulp can be ready for use in the next stage.

Paper forming machine

With the help of this machine, the pulp that was prepared in the earlier stage, the pulp is moulded as an egg tray. With the help of this stage, the pulp gets an idea.

Dryer machine

After this process, the pulp is dried as an egg tray. In this process, the machine used to dry the tray is operated with diesel, natural gas, coal or electricity.

Packing machine

This is the last process of making egg trays. In this process, the setting of the automated product is done well. The tray is counted after setting.

Egg tray packaging

After the tray is made, packaging it is also very important. These trays are quite delicate in the beginning, so pack them well in a cardboard box. Also, count how many trays have been put in a cardboard box. By doing this, the trays are safe and whenever you have to sell the tray to someone, you can easily sell it along with the box.

Paper Egg tray making machine price in India

If you take a semi-automatic machine then the price of these machines starts from around 3 lakhs. On the other hand, these machines are more expensive than semi-automatic machines and their prices start from Rs 5 lakh.

Where to buy egg tray making machine

Egg Trays Business Idea: Egg tray making machines are easily available in the market. At the same time, you can also take lawn line machines. You can take what you think is right for you

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