Top 5 Business Ideas for Engineers

Top 5 Business Ideas for Engineers

After completing their schooling, people choose the field according to their career and enrol in college. Such as Engineering, MBBS, Law etc. But after completing college, many people think that they start a business of their own by not using a job in a big company but using their studies. We can help such people by writing this article because we cannot do a job here after engineering, what kind of business that is in our field. Giving ideas of this If you also have this field and you want to do your own business, then read our article till the end.

Business Ideas for Engineers

After engineering, you can get lakhs of rupees every month by starting the following business in your city –

Home plan designer

If you are a civil engineer, then the business to be started in your city is a home plan designer. Yes, this business is very Profitable business ideas are. In this business, you will have to make a plan of people’s house i.e. map. Which you have to make all the things like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, stair design according to the right size. For this, you will need only one laptop, and only for this, you will have to invest once. Its market scope is much higher than the village in the cities. And before any house is built, they have to plan. That’s why people will come to you. You can make money from people for this for Rs 4 per square feet. This will earn you a lot of money.

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Battery making business

If you have done electrical engineering, then you can do business like your own business and make batteries. This work is not very difficult. And if you have studied engineering from the electrical field, then it is very easy for you to do this work. You can start a unit of 2 ways for this. The first semi-automatic and the second fully automatic. However, before doing such a business, you have to get consent from the Pollution Control Board. Only then can you legally be this business. This battery is required in various electronic items. So if you do this work then your demand will increase and you will also get benefit from it.

The business of making LED lights

For people doing mechanical engineering Led light The business of making is great. Because most people are using this in their homes, shops and offices. The reason for this is that it has a very small amount of power consumption compared to other bulbs, CFLs and tube lights. LED lights are used in thousands of colours. You can start this business with medium capital investment. Due to its high demand in the market, it can give you profit. Therefore, you must start this business.

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Computer Repairing Center

Whether you work in the biggest company or the smallest you need a computer somewhere. That is, people use it in such a way that the chances of it getting worse are also high. Because any inanimate object is spoiled if it is used too much. Then he has to be taken to the computer engineer so that he can fix the laptop or computer malfunction. You in your city Computer and Laptop Repairing You can earn millions by starting the centre. For this, you should have all the tools to repair the computer. You will have to spend money to buy it, after that your earnings will continue to be earned.

Website designing

People studying in the information technology field, also known as software engineers, are the most profitable business these days. Website designing Is the same. Yes, these days everyone is trying to get their business online. In such a situation, they start a website of their own on the Internet. But those who want to start their website do not know how to design a website, they go to a website designer and get this work done. And in return, they also give him money. So if you have done engineering with information technology then you can start the name of website designing in your city. This will earn you great money.

Freelancing business These days are becoming very popular, you can earn in lakhs from it.

So this was something for the engineers Best Business Ideas. If you are also an engineer and do not want to do your own business while not doing a job, then definitely consider these ideas. You can get a lot of money with this.


Q: Which engineering is the best for doing business?

Ans: mechanical Engineering

Q: How can I start my own engineering business?

Ans: With knowledge, experience, contacts and strength, you can do your own engineering business.

Q: What is the best business for a mechanical engineer?

Ans: Business of making LED light and automobile parts etc.

Q: What to do after doing Civil Engineering?

Ans: Start your home plan for designing business.

Q: Which business can you start without investment in engineering?

Ans: Website designing, blogging etc.