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This farmer is earning 9 lakhs from this crop on one acre


Agriculture Success Story This farmer is earning 9 lakhs from this crop on one acre: We have told you about the successful farming and advanced farming methods of many farmers. Told how farmers are turning away from farming today because of not making good profits in farming! So some farmers are emerging as examples for them! And earning millions annually by doing advanced farming! And are also spreading their way to the remaining farmers. Today, we are going to tell you about such a farmer! Who has earned crores from guava farming and is earning up to 9 lakh rupees per one!

Success Story: This farmer is earning 9 lakhs from this crop on one acre

Agriculture Success Story of farmer Rajiv Bhaskar

Farming started about four years ago

Where the youth of today are running abroad in search of jobs! So there are some young people like that too! By living in their own country, who are learning the virtues of advanced farming, they are also teaching other farmer brothers. Are just like ! While living in a city like Chandigarh, Rajiv Bhaskar thought of farming and achieved success too! Rajiv Bhaskar told during an interview there! That he started farming about four years ago.

Packing guava inside the farm itself

Also, he further explained that in Panchkula itself, he has also made a packing section inside his farm! Where that guava is packaged in boxes and sent to sell! Rajiv further revealed that he initially got the plants from VNR Nursery Raipur! From where he got a plant of 170 rupees! He planted 450 saplings in one acre at 12/8! Also Rajiv told that after about 2 months, fruit starts coming on the plant! And for two years, you spend around Rs 4 lakh per acre!

VNR Bihi variety of Guava is cultivated.

That is, after preparing everything, it will cost more than 4 lakh rupees in one acre till the fruit comes! Let us know that Rajiv is doing Guava Farming of VNR Bihi variety of Guava! And this type of guava is called the world’s largest guava! The special thing is that whatever money you will spend! It will come back to you in the first two crops only!

What is VNR Bihi

At the same time, the farmer can cultivate vegetable among these plants. With this variety of Guava Farming, at least 20 kg of fruit can be taken from a plant in a plucking! And it sells for as little as Rs 50 per kg! Similarly, you can earn at least 9 lakh rupees from an acre in one crop!

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