Home Business These 5 products can be made from cow dung, will earn in less investment

These 5 products can be made from cow dung, will earn in less investment

These 5 products can be made from cow dung, will earn in less investment

Business ideas: These 5 products can be made from cow dung: Cow dung is in demand in the Indian market, it is used in a variety of medicines, as well as many other benefits, which people consider to be waste. Used to give or leave like this, now they are starting to earn money by trading it. Rather, people have started their own business by finding new and profitable business ideas so that they can get a lot of profit. We are going to tell you what you can start a business of making products with cow dung.

These 5 products can be made from cow dung

Business Ideas

Dung Pottery Business

You know, the way clay and cement pots and flower pots are made, in which people fill soil and manure and plant them, and decorate their home garden. Let me tell you that these pots can also be made in the same way from cow dung. The special thing about cow pots made from cow dung is that if you plant plants by filling the soil in it, then it does not harm your plants. Rather, the plants grow faster and the people who are very fond of decorating their home, therefore their demand is increasing in the market. If you have cow or cow dung, then it will be very beneficial for you to do business by making this product. You can increase it gradually, people are also very fond of planting in their home.

The business of incense sticks made from cow dung mosquito

In our country, mosquitoes flourish due to the frozen water during the rainy season, due to which many diseases are caused. People buy different types of things to drive it away. Many people often use mosquito kill incense sticks to drive it away. Which are made from such things that harm mosquitoes. Dung sticks made of cow dung are very famous for killing mosquitoes. Most people burn this to repel mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes and insects, macaques either die or run away due to the smell of its burning. If you start a business of making agarbatti from cow dung, you will get a lot of profit by doing this. This is a very good option for you.

Dung rakhi business

You may find it a bit strange to hear this, but this time on the festival of Rakshabandhan, the name of cow dung rakhi in the market is quite heard. Recently, Chinese goods are being boycotted in different parts of the country. In such a situation, Chinese ashes originating from China are not selling in the market at all and people are demanding more for indigenous rakhi. In such a situation, ashes are being made from cow dung, and this year people are making profit by doing business of cow dung, one is the cost is very low in it, and secondly these are very demanding products these days due to which You will also get more profit. You too can earn profit by doing this business.

Cow dung business

As you may know, wood is also made from cow dung, which is used to light a fire in a havan during a puja lesson. It is also used in funeral and other works. The wood of cow dung keeps on burning for a long time, so it is used for burning fire. There are also machines for making it. In which various dyes are applied, and they give it the shape of wood. After this it is dried and sold in the market. Which is very much in demand. Thousands can be earned by doing this business. Especially it is also indigenous.

Start this side business: you can start this business for just Rs 2.30 lakh, the government will also help

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