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The seed of success Think Like Successful People

Think Like Successful People Hindi Speech : First i want to ask you Do you want to become a successful person? Before answering yes or no, think that there is a big difference between thinking about becoming successful and becoming successful.

If you really want to be successful, then you have to bring some changes inside you. Changes that will change your life, but for this you will need a lot of Passion, Discipline and Efforts.

Think Like Successful People

If you can do this then only move forward. I know you are a Courageous and dare to move forward by constantly fighting tough situations. Therefore, you are the rightful person to succeed.

come! Know what you need to do to be successful? For this, we have to know from where does the success that comes in front of us as a result or result begin?

Let us understand this as an example. If you see a sweet fruit planted on a tree, then think where did this fruit come from? It is obvious that the tree on which that sweet fruit is planted has come from that tree.

Now it is also important to know where did that tree come from? The answer can be easily given that that tree is a huge form of a small plant. So that tree came from the same small plant.

If we think more deeply that where did that small plant come from? After thinking about something here, it is known that the plant has come from inside the ground where the seed of that plant was present.

That is, the real source of that sweet fruit was found in the form of a seed. Friends! Similarly, success in life is also a sweet fruit.

Just as the main source of that sweet fruit was that seed, similarly there must be a seed of sweet fruit called success. After all, what is that seed? where do you get? What is the name of that seed?

Friends! This mystery should no longer remain a mystery. Let us now know the name of that seed. The name of that seed is Thought or Thinking.

Yes! Our thoughts are the seeds that give us the sweet fruit called success. Here, I want to tell you a very important thing that just as every seed of the world cannot give us sweet fruit, similarly each of our thoughts (Thought) cannot give us success.

Just as a particular seed gives us a special fruit, in order to achieve any special success, we have to keep the same kind of special thought or thinking in our mind.

For example, if we want to get mango fruit, then we have to plant mango seed in the ground. We cannot get mango as a fruit by planting bitter gourd seeds.

Similarly, if we want to achieve the success of the name Richness, then the thought of Richness has to be put in our mind. We can never get rich by putting the idea of ​​poverty in our mind.

Now the question comes from where should we get the seed of success to get success? This is a very important question. But before the answer to this question is known, we know about the path from which an idea becomes a sweet fruit called success.

When we plant any seed of success in the land of our mind and allow it to grow well there, then that kind of feeling starts producing in us.

This feeling inspires us to take action. And when we take Actions according to that feeling, after a certain time we get the sweet fruit of success. I think you must have cleared.

Now the answer to the most important question is, where will we get the seeds of success, ie, ideas of success?

Friends! We will get the seeds necessary for success from where they have stock and The name of the store of seeds of success is – the mind of successful people.

Yes! You will get all the ideas you need inside the minds of the people who have succeeded.

We have to know what kind of thoughts are there in successful people.

We need to know how successful people think (Think Like Successful People)।

We need to know what kind of thinking successful people have. If we know this then no one can stop us from being successful.

And the best thing here is that successful people do not keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves, but share it with everyone.

Successful people tell us the thoughts or ideas of their life in the books written by them, with the help of which they can become successful.

Successful people share their successful thinking with everyone in the Seminars organized by them.

You should meet and talk to those successful people so that they can provide you with the seeds of success (Think Like Successful People).

Overall, if we want to achieve success, then we have to do only one thing and that is that we have to think the way successful people think.

Thinking like successful people, we can achieve the results that successful people achieve, that is, we can think of successful people as tasting the sweet fruit of success, which gives great pleasure.


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