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Start this side business and earn good profits in less investment

Start this side business in less investment- If you also want to do a side business in which neither you have to get out of the house nor need much investment, then today we will give you such 5 business sitting at home in this article. We will tell you about which you can start with less investment and earn good profits and by starting it, you will be able to earn money through both online and offline mediums.

Start this side business with less investment

Small business ideas

Chalk Making Business

If you want to start a small scale business, which does not have to invest much money, then you can easily start this business, because chalk is required in every small school and college, to make it more There is also no need for material and good income, it requires Rs 10,000 to start at a small level, you can also make colored chalk with white.

Candle making business

This business has become quite popular over time, earlier people used to use candles when they went electricity, but now they are also being used to decorate homes, hotels, restaurants etc. Due to which their demand has increased a lot, you can easily start it with an investment of only 10 to 20 thousand rupees, for this you can also get help from the government.

Top 5 Small Side Business

Bindi making business

This business is also growing with time. Earlier only married women used to put a dot, but now girls have started the trend of making a dot, due to which its demand has also increased in the country’s markets, this business You can start with an investment of only 12 thousand. You can do it very comfortably at home, to make a dot, you need raw materials such as velvet cloth, gum and different types of stones, which work to attract the dot.

Homemade Cloth making Business

If you know how to sew and have a light sense of fashion, then you can make beautiful and fashionable clothes at home and sell them online and earn good money on the basis of your art from home, these businesses will give new look to your art. Along with this, online and offline will also earn good.

Bread Making Business

You do not need any kind of place and shop to start this business, you can start it easily from your home too, it does not take much time to make bread. It is prepared in a very short time, by making it, you can earn good profits by selling it in bakery or market and you do not need much investment in it. At present, the number of people eating bread has increased considerably, which will increase further in future, it requires Rs 10,000 to start from home.

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