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Know The Benefits & Varieties of Sandalwood Farming

Know The Benefits & Varieties of Sandalwood Farming

Sandalwood is a very useful item, it is used in many things such as in various beauty products, in religious rituals, in making perfumes and in some medicines etc. Because it has various medicinal properties. It is much preferred in the market, so most people buy it. But its cultivation is less on average, it is slightly different from traditional farming, but due to its high demand in the market, farmers cultivate it and earn huge profits. If you also want to earn more profits like farmers by cultivating it, then read it till the end.

Market demand for sandalwood farming

Chandan is a product that is very useful but it is also very valuable. This is because its demand in the market is more and its production is less compared to it. Its demand is very high not only in the country but also abroad. In India, at least 7 thousand to 8 thousand sandalwoods are used every year, but if we talk about its production, then it is only 100 tons per year.

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Sandalwood market price

If you talk about the price of sandalwood in the market, then it is sold at the rate of 6 thousand to 12 thousand rupees per kilogram.

Species of sandalwood

There are a total of 16 species of sandalwood all over the world, of which the Centalum album has a very good aroma and also has the most medicinal properties. The 16 species of sandalwood include white Sandalwood, Sandal, Abiyad, Shrikhand, pleasant sandal etc. And these are cultivated the most.

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Selection of soil for the cultivation of sandalwood

No special kind of soil is required to cultivate sandalwood, this can be done in all types of soil. But some soil varieties in which sandalwood can be cultivated well include sandy clay, clay, red soil, black granular soil etc.

A suitable place to cultivate sandalwood

Sandalwood can be cultivated anywhere except in some places in India. Those places are Kashmir, Ladakh and Jaisalmer of Rajasthan etc. Both the environment and soil here are not suitable for sandalwood cultivation. Because here the water freezes and snowfalls and the soil here is sandy. Therefore, the cultivation of sandalwood cannot be done well in these places. But the best suitable place for the cultivation of sandalwood in India is West Bengal, the forest area there is the best for this.

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Method of cultivation of sandalwood

You have selected soil, after this, you have to choose a plant for sandalwood cultivation. For this, keep the following things in mind –

  • At most 375 white sandalwood plants can be planted in one acre of land.
  • Not much water has to be irrigated in the sandal plants, so the ridge is planted in its sandal field. These ridges are made at least 10 feet away.
  • The sandal plants that are planted on the ridge should not be less than 12 feet from each other.
  • One thing that is most important is that sandalwood plants are never planted alone, otherwise they dry up. Because sandalwood is a semipermeable plant. This means that half of the age of a sandal plant is its own life and half of it depends on the root of the other plant.
  • It is also necessary to plant some companion plants in the area where sandalwood is cultivated. Because they are helpful in the development of sandalwood. Therefore it is necessary to plant 125 other companion plants around 375 white sandalwoods. These companion plants are red sandalwood, Casuarina, desi neem, sweet neem and Drumstick plants Can be etc. This is the best option.

Where to get sandalwood plants or seeds

Seeds or plants can be planted for the cultivation of sandalwood. For this, you can buy anything in both. To buy its seeds or plants, you will have to contact the Central Government’s Institute of Wood Science and Technology, which is located in Bangalore. You will get these from here. Apart from this, it also has a nursery in Uttar Pradesh, India, where you will get both its information and plants. For this, you will need to contact the famous Albsan Agroforestry Private Limited.

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Therefore, the cultivation of sandalwood can be a profitable deal for the farmers. Commercially, farmers can cultivate sandalwood in any state like Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc. with some special care. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity for farmers to earn money.


Q: Is it legal to plant sandalwood in India?

Ans: Yes, but it should not be used illegally.

Q: What is the price per kilogram of sandalwood?

Ans: 6 to 12 thousand rupees

Q: Where are the most popular growing plants in India?

Ans: In west Bengal

Q: How to cultivate sandalwood?

Ans: By arranging better soil, place, environment as well as seeds or plants.

Q: Why is sandalwood so expensive?

Ans: Because its production is very less around the world. And the demand is very high.

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