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Mushroom cultivation information, how to do mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation information, how to do mushroom cultivation
Mushroom Farming | Mushrooms have created a special place in people’s food tray. From the kitchen of the small village to the menu of the Five Star Hotel, the mushroom has reached. But the proportion in which there is the demand for mushroom, in that proportion it is not being produced in the country. Today we share information on increasing income from mushroom cultivation. Mushroom farming is becoming very popular these days. Farmers who have less land can grow it in rooms or other vacant places and earn extra income. Every year farmers across the country export several thousand tonnes of mushrooms to other countries.

Know what is mushroom farming?

Folic acid and mineral salts are found in mushrooms, which work in the blood of the human body to make the most important red cells. It is commonly used as a vegetable in food. Earlier it was used only in select countries, but now it has reached to most parts of the world as well as rural areas of India.

Start farming in at least 15 to 20 thousand

Mushroom cultivation can be started easily in a small space and at a low cost and earn high profits at low cost. For mushroom cultivation in three-four room mushroom house, at least 15 to 20 thousand rupees will be needed for mushroom seed, compost and other essential items.

Mushroom Farming: know how to produce?

A better way to produce mushroom farming is to produce it in a moist part or to cultivate some part of your land by preparing mushroom houses suitable for mushroom production. For mushroom production, you can produce mushrooms by putting wheat piles or paddy straw in the house, adding water to it, creating moisture, adding compost and mushroom seeds to it. For the production of oyster mushrooms, 80 per cent moisture and temperature should be 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. The month of September-October is considered better for its production.

Temperate mushrooms require 70 to 90 percent moisture and 20 to 30 degree Celsius temperature. October to February is a favorable time for its production. Wall varicella mushroom can be produced from April to October. For the production of wall varicella, the temperature should be 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity should be higher than 80.

There will be good business for the future

The demand for mushrooms has increased greatly by increasing the reach of common people in the country. In view of this, much more production of mushroom is needed. After producing the mushroom, you can get profits in the right way only after taking it to the right market. Although there is a lot of demand for mushrooms, for this you will have to make an identification once in the market so that in future your mushroom reaches the market easily. Although the production of mushroom is increasing at a rapid pace, its production is still decreasing significantly as compared to the requirement. In such a situation, if it starts production, it will definitely prove to be a profitable deal.

You can also get training for farming

The Agricultural University and the Horticulture Department of the state government periodically conduct a few weeks training program, by which you can easily learn the nuances of mushroom cultivation. This training is given free of cost in government institutions. For training, you can find out at the nearest agricultural college.

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