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Install an ATM machine at an empty shop, earn thousands every month, apply this way

Most people do not keep cash with them, because they have their own ATM and in today’s time, ATM facility is available at almost every place, so that money can be withdrawn easily in 24 hours seven days. Even today, the work of installing ATMs is going on in every place and if you have some land, then you can see some of the existing big companies in India who work to install ATM machines, with the help of these, by installing ATM machines on your land Can earn Let’s know how ATM machine Get it installed And earned money.

The required place to install an ATM machine

To earn money by installing an ATM machine, you must have your own land of at least 50 to 80 square feet. And remember that the place you are going to use will be at the ground level and people can reach there easily. Outside the ATM machine, at least 50 to 80 yards of space is needed, where people can stand if there is an easy crowd.

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Lease agreement for installation of ATM machine

All the details of the land on which you will install the ATM machine are mentioned on a lease agreement. This lease agreement will contain all the details of the landowner and will also mention how much rent amount the ATM machine company will have to pay to the owner of the land every month. You are required to renew the lease agreement of your land within every 3 to 5 years. Upon renewal, all details are recreated in a new form.

Requirements for installing ATM machines

To install an ATM machine on your land, you have to pay attention to some special things, which are described in this way. –

  • Where the ATM machine is installed, there should be a 24-hour power system, and at least you must take a 1-kilowatt power connection.
  • Where you are installing an ATM, there should be at least 100 ATM transactions per day, only then it will come under the standard criteria.
  • Where the ATM will be installed, the roof should be at least concrete.
  • The ATM machine of another bank should not be pre-installed in the range of 100 meters of the place where the ATM machine is installed.
  • The area under the ATM machine should be clean so that people do not have any kind of inconvenience.
  • In the place where you are installing an ATM machine, people of the place do not have any type of problem, for this, you need to get the NOC from the authority.
  • From the security point of view, it is very important to have a rolling shutter outside the ATM machine.
  • At the place where you are going to install the ATM machine, a video recording has to be prepared from all around the area and you have to send it while applying.

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ATM machine companies

Today, there are three big companies in the country, who are completing the entire work of ATM installation on their own responsibility and are getting orders from banks and installing it.

  • Tata Indicash ATM:- In today’s time, this company has been entrusted with the task of installing more than 15000 ATMs in rural and urban areas across India through RBI. Through this, you can also install an ATM on your land.
  • Muthoot ATM:- Today, it is one of the largest non-banking finance companies in India and this company works to install white label ATMs throughout India. This type of ATM completes all types of ATM card transactions easily, such as Visa, RuPay and MasterCard etc.
  • India one ATM:- The third-largest company is India One ATM, through this company also the work of installing ATM in India is completed.

How to apply to get an ATM machine?

In India, the 3 largest companies that do the work of installing ATMs, we have to log in to the website of those companies and submit an application form to install the ATM machine there. Let us know this process below.

  • Tata Indicash ATM: – If you want to install ATM on your land through this company, then for this you need to Official website You have to go and apply.
  • Muthoot ATM: – Through this company also you can apply online to install ATM machine very easily, just its Official website Go and complete this work.
  • One India ATM: – Installing ATM through this third big company, you can easily apply online and its Website You can complete it by visiting.

Pay Attention:- You can choose any one of these companies to install an ATM machine thereby giving your land as rent. Now go to the official website of the company, there you will find an application form, all the information you are being asked in the application form, you have to run very carefully and by attaching the photocopy of some necessary documents. Have to submit your application form.

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Investment to get ATM

We do not have to make any kind of investment to get an ATM machine, but we have to pay a minimum fee in the form of maintenance, cash holding and holding charge every month to the concerned bank. Apart from this, no investment is going to be made.

Total Income and Profit on Installing ATM Machine

We get two-way profit by installing ATM machine, firstly, we can fix income every month by looking at our land as rent and secondly, the more transactions you have on the land where the ATM is installed, the more you will get Commission will also be provided on a transaction basis. Out of them, you are also given a commission of some percentage. Such companies provide rent according to the region every month. In rural areas, you are provided with a rent of 10 to 15 thousand rupees of your land and in urban areas, it is given a rent ranging from 25 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees.

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