Many things can be bought in these 10 countries for only 1 rupee, the value of currency is hundreds of times less than in India

We are telling you about such countries where you can roam in low budget. In this way, your money will also be saved and your name will also be among the people around that you have come from abroad.

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If you are fond of traveling abroad but are troubled by the currency and expenses of the new place, then we are telling you the solution of this problem. We are talking here about those places whose currency is much lower than the Indian Rupee. That is, you will not have to face any shortage of money to visit these places.

Know about 10 such countries where you can travel in low budget. In this way, your money will also be saved and your name will also be among the people around that you have come from abroad. However, before going to these places, you must check the exchange rate there because it is quite common for the rupee to fluctuate. So know about your budget foreign travel…

  • Vietnam- Vietnam is a great country in terms of beauty. This country, situated in Southeast Asia, maintains good relations with India in both economic and cultural ways. One Indian Rupee in Vietnam is equal to 314.42 Vietnamese Dong.
  • Indonesia- Indonesia, located between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, is also a low budget traveling location. It takes very little money to roam here. One Indian Rupee in Indonesia is equal to 194.40 IDR.
  • Cambodia- One Indian Rupee in Cambodia is equal to 55.86 Rial. The ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples here are quite famous and people come from far and wide to see them.
  • Paraguay – One Indian Rupee in Paraguay is equal to 91.72 Guarani. That is, at this place you can travel without worry. Especially if you are a nature lover then this place is only for you.
  • Costa Rica – One Indian Rupee in Costa Rica is equal to 8.48 Costa Rican Colon. The beauty of this place, which is included in the most attractive places, is worth captivating your mind. Adventures like jet skiing, surfing and water sports can be done here.

Traveling in these countries will also be great

One Indian Rupee in Mongolia is equal to 39.10 Mongolia Tugrik. The price of one Indian Rupee in Hungary is 3.89 Forint Hungarian currency. One Indian Rupee in Sri Lanka is equal to 2.72 Sri Lankan Rupee. If you want, you can also go to Pakistan, here one Indian rupee is equal to 2.13 Pakistani rupees. People who are fond of wildlife can also go to Zimbabwe, here one rupee of India is equal to 4.95 Zimbabwe dollars.

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