JioPhone Next 4G will be yours for just Rs 500, know the features of the cheapest smartphone to be launched on September 10

JioPhone Next 4G will be yours for just Rs 500, know the features of the cheapest smartphone to be launched on September 10

Mukesh Ambani giving information about the launch of Jio Next at Reliance’s AGM

Reliance Industries has announced the launch of JioPhone Next on Ganesh Chaturthi (10 Septmeber 2021). This will be the cheapest smartphone in the country. It is believed that with the launch of this phone, Jio’s subscriber will increase further on one hand, while other companies selling smartphones in the country will also face a tough challenge. Many industry experts are considering it as a game changer of the mobile industry. JioPhone Next can be launched in the market for just Rs 3500. It is also being called the cheapest smartphone in the world. Let’s know the specialty of this phone.


The price of the phone is its biggest attraction. According to recent reports, the price of JioPhone next can be Rs 3499. However, in some news, it is being said to keep its price at Rs 5000. It is being said to be the cheapest smartphone in the world.


The smartphone will be launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor which will support 4G network. Customers can get the option of 2GB and 3GB variants. As far as the internal storage is concerned, the phones will be launched in 16GB and 32GB variants.

Operating System

The phone will be launched with Android 11. This will already be installed in the entry level phone. There will also be a 5.5-inch display and HD resolution.

Other features

Other features include GPS. eMMC 4.5 storage and Bluetooth 4.2 will also be installed. JioPhone Next will be available in multiple colors.

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JioPhone Next will be sold under a scheme. While buying the phone, customers will not have to pay full money at once. If the customer wants, while buying the phone, he can take the phone by paying ten percent of the device. In such a situation, customers will be able to buy JioPhone Next Basic by paying just Rs 500 and JioPhone Next Advance by paying only Rs 700.

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